4 Top Natural Beauty Tips

Women all over the world spend millions of dollars on gels, creams, powders, and lotions all in the attempt to maintain or enhance their skin and beauty. Beauty is a universal theme that has been around since the beginning of time and all civilizations have had a natural beauty tip or two. Modern western cultures have taken the idea of beauty to extreme by resorting to plastic surgery, liposuction, injections, and other medically invasive treatments to gain a sense of enhanced beauty. There is no need to spend thousands dollars or resort to surgery, our 4 top natural beauty tips are freely available in this article for everyone.

First, natural beauty tip is to drink enough water every day. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water will solve many problems that you may be purchasing creams for. Drinking enough water will hydrate your skin and rid your body of the toxins and chemicals that are damaging your skin and hair. Flush the toxins out and hydrate your body with at least eight glasses and your beauty regime will improve greatly.

The second natural beauty tip is to eat fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals our body needs. When out bodies are fueled with the necessary vitamins and minerals many skin and hair problems disappear. Also, many fruits and vegetables such as carrot, oranges, cucumbers, and apples are known to be good rejuvenators for skin, hair, and nails.

Regular exercise is the third natural beauty tip that everyone should know. Regular exercise pumps oxygen to our cells, which in conjunction with water, helps to rid our bodies of those nasty toxins. Exercise does not need to be hours in the gym a walk around the block on a consistent basis will do wonders for your skin and body. Exercise also helps our bodies become more adept at digesting food which will allow the vitamin and minerals from the fruits and vegetables be absorbed into our bodies easier. Regular exercise also helps increase your energy level and sometimes can lift your mood. When you are happy and awake, you can look younger and feel younger. Isn’t that what all the beauty products people buy are for? To create a younger you!

Finally and most importantly, do not discount the power of a positive attitude toward your beauty regime as well. Happy people are considered more beautiful in western society and having a positive attitude is the fourth natural beauty tip. Having a good attitude has been proven to lengthen your life span and boost your immune system, when we feel good we look good as well.

Natural beauty tips are really everywhere. There is no need to resort to a thousand dollar an ounce cream to achieve the same results you can get from eating right and exercise. Beauty really starts from within and following our 4 natural beauty tips can save you money.

Wooden Doll Houses – Why Opt For Wood?

As children, we often pretended to build imaginary houses. This is a way in which children express their imagination and creativity and it is crucial in determining their perception of love, home and family. When you give your child a wooden dolls house you are also giving that child a tool to aid imagination and creativity. Wooden doll houses have a long history. They appeared about 400 years ago and developed from Victorian mansion miniatures into   modern  child sized  houses  equipped with all sorts of furnishings and accessories.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, miniature houses were built for well-heeled families as home ornaments and were kept in cabinet displays to conserve their beauty and delicacy. These miniature homes or “baby houses” as they were known at the time were created especially for adults and ardent collectors who appreciated the exceptional details and structures of old architecture. The baby houses were extremely expensive and delicate and because of that children were forbidden to play with or even touch them.

Over time, the designs became more and more fashionable and contemporary. Doll houses became a girls favorite play things and were frequently gifted on various occasions like birthdays and weddings. This situation led to the opening of an entire new world to be discovered by little girls especially because they loved to play house and imitate their mothers as they tucked their little offspring to bed or set the dinner table.

Today, wooden doll houses can be featured with multiple floors and bedrooms just like a normal home which makes it even more realistic for children. This permits them to express freely their own personality when setting up their own fantasy home. At the same time, this helps them perform their role while playing with friends and siblings.

There exist also up-to-the-minute mini homes made of synthetic materials, but they are not as reliable as the ones made of wood. Wooden doll houses are better and more enduring because wood is a material that can resist for a long time if treated properly. Apart from this, wood offers a miniature house a more genuine and unaltered look which makes it even more attractive and inviting for both adults and children. Also they come in various shapes and colors that add to the wooden toy’s charm and beauty. Many people spend a great deal of money to craft the wooden miniature of their dreams. Toys such as those made of mahogany or oak can be quite expensive, but they can also last you a lifetime and can be passed down to future generations.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your precious little girl, wooden doll houses are the best choice. They might seem old-fashioned, but they still can capture the attention and hearts of both children and adults especially if they want to remain young at heart with the passing of time.

Moroccan Rugs – Unique Ways to Enliven Your Home Decor

Moroccan Rugs: Worlds colors and eclectic fusion all in one

Adding a touch of ethnicity to your home’s interiors by using furniture, furnishings, and rugs is a sure way to brighten the atmosphere! Over the past few years, decorating homes in ethnic styles has become extremely popular. Sensing the demand for original tribal art from various places around the world, even big stores such as Target have been known to launch complete furnishing lines that reflect a particular culture or region such as Indian or Japanese home furnishing lines.

One of the most popular emerging styles is Moroccan, especially in the rugs and carpet industry. Hand-woven Moroccan rugs are a fantastic way to invite warmth and create a bright and charming atmosphere in your home.

Moroccan rugs have been infusing the magic of color and art to the homes of millions over the world. Moroccan rugs and art have been widely connected to the west and examples of this can be seen in Bauhaus movement or in the works of American designers like Billy Baldwin during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The simple geometric patterns of Moroccan rugs have been used for long to lend a stylish, urbane and sophisticated look to most of the   modern  furnishings. The famous pile carpets from the Middle Atlas Mountain region of Morocco are proudly displayed in renowned historic houses such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater and Charles and Ray Eames spectacular Pacific Palisades house in California.

And with the late 1990’s, Moroccan rugs revival was imminent as designers and public showed a renewed interest for elements of the 1960’s and 70’s era both in terms of style and color. Bright and warm hues of oranges and saffron yellows reflecting in Moroccan rugs geometrical patterns were scene stealers. Moreover, these rugs are made from spun wool and had an authentic indigenous character making them ‘one-of-a-kind’ with a quality that was hard to find in their synthetic factory made  modern  cousins.

Moroccan rugs were and are still being made by the Berbers, who are an indigenous tribe of North African region living in Morocco. These weavers use hand-dyed wool to weave the rugs and each rug is unique in its design, use of colors, and patterns. The designs of Moroccan rugs are often similar to those found in the weaving of Native Americans.

Another type of Moroccan rugs are ‘kilims’ or ‘hanbels’ though these are lightweight, flat in weave and motifs are made with variations of red, blue, green, yellow, mauve and white. The price of Moroccan rugs and kilims are usably determined by the size, quality of the design and the colors used.

Why Buy Moroccan Rugs?

A holistic mix of  modern  and ethnic styling and  design , Moroccan rugs lend a distinctly stylish look to your home decor. Warm and bright, they can simply liven up any space and make it look trendy, colorful and luxurious. Romance is an integral part of Moroccan culture and your Moroccan furnishings can bring some of that feeling in your room or home.

Rectilinear Moroccan carpets and rugs are visually striking and rich, and vivid with interesting motifs, making them a perfect flooring accessory for your living room or bedroom. Made from organic, hand woven wool, Moroccan rugs can be hung on walls hanging or used as a throw.

Let’s look at some of the things you should know before you set out to purchase Moroccan rugs for your home:

Moroccan Rugs: Authenticity -Always shop around. Extremely low priced rugs may mean that the products are not authentic. All Moroccan rugs are made from wool and have very bright colors. Also, good quality rugs should have 120 knots/square inch of weave; turn the carpet over to look at the knots. Handmade carpet will feature variations in the knots as compared to factory made carpets. Ask the shopkeeper if you can burn a small bit of the fringe to check the authenticity of the material – silk and wool being natural fibers will smolder when burnt.

Moroccan Rugs: Design–Bold patterns, visually enticing motifs and sparkling colors, Moroccan rugs are eye-catching to say the least. If your room already has a lot of visual movement and your furnishings are heavily designed then opt for a less conspicuous pattern.

Moroccan Rugs: Formality–Casual and comfortable appeal of the Moroccan carpets is a reflection of the tribal heritage of the indigenous people. You may not be able to achieve an authentically layered look as the Moroccan rugs are made in larger sizes to fulfill  modern  living room requirements.

Keep these things in mind when buying Moroccan rugs and enliven your home decor today!

The Wardrobe – A History

The word wardrobe appears to originate from the old Northern French ‘Warderobe’ – warder (to look after or guard) robe (garment).

Wardrobes are sometimes referred to as an armoire, this is simply the French word used for a standing closet used to hold clothes.

Before wardrobes, clothing was often stored in trunks or chests; it wasn’t until a degree of luxury was attained when building castles and palaces that separate accommodation was provided for the apparel. The name wardrobe originally referred to a whole room in which wealthy persons’ clothes were kept. The wall space in these rooms was often filled with cupboards and lockers, from these   designs  the  modern  wardrobe seems to have evolved slowly with its hanging spaces, drawers and shelves.

Starting as an open closet where the clothes would be hung, in the 19th Century the wardrobe began to develop into its  modern  form with a hanging cupboard on each side and shelving over drawers in the centre. Eventually the centre door which had previously only enclosed the top section was carried to the floor to cover any drawers or sliding shelves and then fitted with a mirror.

Wardrobes are no longer limited to be used only by the wealthy. With so many materials being used prices can vary hugely. Choices of wood have remained pretty much the same since the early introduction of the wardrobe with mahogany, oak and pine ever popular. More recent trends have lead to the use of Mexican style timbers, mango wood and Indian rose woods.  Modern  wardrobes can even be provided in a flat pack form for ease of access up staircases and into the bedroom, these types of wardrobe are mainly made from a mixture of materials such as MDF and a combination of some solid wood with veneers. This obviously impacts on the longevity and strength of the piece especially if it is taken apart and re assembled several times but can be ideal for a fast growing family.

You can find wardrobes for sale in many styles, shapes and sizes in the present day but during their past popularity as an item for the wealthy they were built using the rule of eight. To build a good size double wardrobe the carpenter would consider if when completed it would be large enough to fit eight small men inside. It is unlikely that this is an effective measurement guide for today’s mass produced, machine made furniture.

Modern Wall Decor For Music Enthusiasts

Making your home look elegant and stylish is every home owner’s dream. But we usually find ourselves in the same decorating boat of having the most usual interior decorations including family antiques, bargain finds, and maybe two or three precious things from a successful garage sale and dumpster dive. And before you know it, your home is exactly the same as your neighbor’s. So, how can we make it more aesthetically unique?

One way to customize the look and feel of your home is by using  modern  wall decor. What I usually observe every time I visit my cousin’s home is its crisp artistic wall design plus a variety of small, medium and large accessories. Regardless of what concept you choose – contemporary or old-fashion designs, the wall can give an additional substance in the overall composition of a house. Some of the most popular wall home accents includes music wall art, jazz wall art and music note art.

Like other  modern  wall decor concepts, music wall art requires a musical character or genre to highlight. Since music is divided into different categories, choosing accessories, colors and other decorators will be easier if you have already decided which type to use. Decor varies depending upon whether you want to showcase classical, country, marching band, blues, jazz, or rock ‘n’ roll music.

Music Wall Art to Use

Home owners can purchase varieties of jazz wall art and music note art from department stores or online furniture shops. If you have the gift of artistry, you can also make your own original wall decor ideas if you have the right materials. Old record albums, framed sheet music, and displays of actual musical instruments are few of the many objects you can use to compliment your design.

How to Arrange Your Musical Accessories

The arrangement of furnitures and accessories also contributes to the overall composition. In the music room for instance, if you like to sit while relaxing or playing instruments, then avoid clutter and put your recliner or seat near a window. However, if you use the room as a place where the band could practice place all large instruments, amplifiers, speakers, and other equipment against the room’s walls, leaving the center clear for you and other members to practice.

Jazz wall art and music note art can be applied to any area around the house. However, using them to decorate the living room or a child’s room will need more attention on the type of accessories.

Interior Design Knows No Boundaries

Interior design concepts are infinite. If you can visualize it, you can make it happen. With just two coats of new paint, a Persian rug, or furniture rearrangement, many homes can be magnificently transformed; however, other homes may require a complete architecture interior design. No matter how much you want to do, an expert interior designer will arrive with all the required tools.

Simple, clean   designs  are the hallmark of  modern  interior  design . They combine intense lines and muted colors with basic white and stainless steel. Hanging light fixtures that emit dim light are typically used. Items are discretely hidden away in secret storage bins that blend in with the interior. The furniture of choice can be changed, shifted, bent, and reattached to suit a variety of functions. Attractive to persons who adore  modern   design  are windows that are large and rooms reminiscent of cityscapes. While some people may find it to be too sterile, others like its fresh and crisp design.

Architecture interior design changes with the times. A separate wing for the bedrooms, open floor plans for families to interact, and generally a better usage of space are what consumers are searching for in homes right now. Bathroom design is trending to a home spa ambiance with such amenities as dual-head shower stalls, double vanities, and whirlpools and/or saunas. Meanwhile, the newest designs for kitchens provide a fully working nook or a breakfast bar. Wild and bold colors are paired with big windows and high ceilings in  modern  living rooms. More creative designs will continue to be in our future.

Environmental, sustainable design stays very trendy, thanks to client demand, while architects seek out methods to not merely mix more recycled, environmentally friendly building materials into their creations, but also incorporate indoor-outdoor aspects to produce a more pleasurable environment. Innovative designs include features using indoor water, plant-life, natural lighting, and organic building materials, such as wood and stone. A popular theme is to make homes that are both visually appealing and very functional. Secret storage units, control panels, built-in shelves, and logical space usage are some of the interior design ideas to be aware of.

To have a career in architecture interior design, you have to finish a thorough program of schooling centering on architecture, structural systems design, cooling and heating systems, safety principles, sustainable expansion, specialized standards, and interior design services. There are many attitudes regarding interior  design , some love classic beauty whereas others prefer the more edgy  modern  trend. Whatever their taste, a good architect interior designer has the knowledge and desire to find a way to create a space that pleases any client.

New York’s Highlights of Modern Art

From Frank Sinatra to Sarah Jessica Parker, the city of New York has consistently maintained the supreme position of being the centre of America’s entertainment and art industry. So much so that during the better part of the twentieth century New York has been in the forefront as America’s greatest export.

One of the most prominent positions of the cultural scene of New York is held by the Museum of  Modern  Art, an establishment exclusively for  modern  art. Founded in 1929, this famous gallery moved around quiet a bit until it established itself in the current location in Midtown Manhattan.

The museum it self is housed in one of New York’s most lauded buildings, a design by the celebrated Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi. The redesigning of the permanent home of the Museum of  Modern  Art was completed in 2004 and it’s current signature features of contemporary architecture not only reflects its true identity but also makes the structure itself a much appreciated piece of  modern  art.

The Museum of  Modern  Art  houses  some of the most unique, much sought after and celebrated pieces of  modern  art, including ‘The Persistence of Memory’ by Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ and Frida Kahlo’s ‘Self Portrait with Cropped Hair’. The Museum is also home to the works of a multitude of America’s most celebrated  modern  artists including, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Edward Hopper. Apart from these highlights of the world’s  modern  art, the Museum also  houses  a world famous collection of art photography, with works by Cindy Sherman and Andreas Gursky.

The Museum of  Modern  Art with its influential position in New York, as a landmark as well as a part of its alluring art scene, is a clear stop for any one visiting New York. The museum’s uniquely accessible nature welcomes all visitors and its collection of artistic delights is sure to fascinate even the novices of  modern  art.

For those interested in the unique experience of New York, along with the theatre, museums and the art scene of Midtown Manhattan, there are plenty of lodging options to choose from. Ranging from Budget hotels to luxury accommodation the accommodation options available in Midtown are ideal for those keen on art and especially enthusiastic about the Museum of  Modern  Art.

Finding accommodation to suit ones travel needs could be a challenging task, especially if there are time and budget constraints. Online lodging option providers come in handy in the selection process, especially in finding bargain deals in hotel accommodation. Hotel reviews and price comparison also eases the hassle involved in traveling.

The Hotel Mela New York provides easy access to this great museum and other attractions such as Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall and the Broadway. Its central location right in the heart of Times Square also offers its guests easy access to popular shopping areas and night life. The hotel offers comfortable and  modern  accommodation with a unique blend of Italian and New York cultures. But most of all it provides easy access to the best of America’s entertainment and art.

Common Kitchen Styles and Designs

If you are searching to install a brand-new kitchen into your house then you’ll definitely find out you will discover a staggering array of absolutely free kitchen design and style inspiring ideas you are able to make a choice from in order to feed your very own new design plans and blueprints. Alongside the bathroom your kitchen is the most important room in your house for getting correct in design terms. Besides the corridor your kitchen attracts the highest level of foot traffic in your own home. Most folks spend a large amount of time in the kitchen, in particular families and whenever some thing is simply not suitable it’s going to bug you each time you look at it.

I recommend you invest considerable time seeking out free kitchen layout creative ideas prior to when you approach a kitchen design shop. That way you’ll have a substantially more targeted notion of what you are looking for and are generally more likely to motivate the merchant to offer you an unique deal. They can see you as being a sincere prospective client which has spent time building a strong idea and is aware of what they have to have. Layout recommendations are located in numerous avenues like house and home journals, kitchen showrooms, build it yourself stores, kitchen internet websites not to mention friends’ properties. Try to be able to formulate at the very least two to three style concepts making use of these techniques. For now the following is several of the actual most fashionable kitchen models that you can look into to get you started off:

Country Style, This style can be labeled as early American or even colonial and creates a stunning quaint farm kitchen image. Usually the kitchen will certainly offer wide open shelves, pot racks plus a typical sense of being very well lived in, highlighted through the various color schemes of the actual cabinets.

Contemporary, This excellent design and style features clean and simple lines. Kitchen cabinets usually are futuristic in appearance without having carvings or even especially ornate features. Usually the stress is definitely on design coupled with practical class. Shaker, This is often a simple and practical design and style which includes flat panel doors, wooden kitchen countertops together with brass hardware.

French Country, They’re warm welcoming kitchen areas made up of solid wood and also soft colours. Natural components feature highly just like huge furnishings with ornate carvings.

Arts and Crafts, Truly growing to be a common design and even features glass panels and also natural real wood tones which have been finished in a matte sheen. This specific fashion can be hugely artistic.

And lastly, look at the themes or templates you may have utilised in various other rooms in order that the kitchen style and design you finally pick harmonizes well within your general design. Let’s hope our free of charge kitchen style thoughts make it easier to get a good start in ones project.

All About European House Plans

Many people have fallen in love with the idea of a European house. It just seems to be so sophisticated and, God forbid, luxurious to live in a European house. Here are some tips to help you look for great European house plans:

1. A blend of   modern  and historical

Many people are primarily attracted to European houses because of the historical feel to it. However, this look can be a bit tiring. When you get European house plans, you need to make sure that you have something that looks historical, but not out of date.

That is, you want European house plans which combine the old with the new. You want your house to show sophistication, not extinction. By getting European  house  plans which blend history with the  modern , you will be able to declare that you have something which is timeless. That is a very hard effect to achieve.

2. Form and function

Just as in the first tip, the key to this one is balance. You need to find some European house plans which blend both form and function. That is, the house should not just look good, it has to have purpose. Think about gargoyles in old European churches – they are made to be decorative and functional. By choosing European house plans which blend form and function, you will be able to truly make a sound investment.

Why? Well, the fact is that although people appreciate beauty, when it comes to investments, they really need to know whether something has a purpose or not. If you make use of European house plans which blend both function and style, you might actually be able to make sure that you’ll get a great price if you decide to sell someday.

3. Land

When you get European house plans, be sure to examine them while keeping the lot in mind. This is because the beauty of the actual house often depends upon the place where it stands. When you look over the European house plans that you are choosing from, try to visualize the house as it would look like on the grounds.

Does the house fit the land? If not, is there anything you can do in order to alter the house or the grounds in order to fix the problem? The main reason why people get European house plans is because this allows them to make changes on paper -a process certainly much less expensive than reconstruction.

Glass Design And Modern Uses In Today’s World

The creation and production of textured and coloured glass, for decorative glass projects, is a highly specialised and skillful business. There are quite a few companies within the UK who perform this function but not many of them can deal with glass art.

Modern homes today use glass in ways unexplored before and glass features have increased to such an extent that it is sometimes very difficult to decide whether a standard household item, like a sink, should be made from the usual traditional material or from glass.

There are a few companies who thrive on exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of using glass for unusual purposes as well as those who have the ability and foresight to create stunning, visual concepts of design and then are able to adapt them to the real world.

With glass of so many different colours and textures it is not surprising that ideas for its use are so varied and diverse. Each of the differences are produced using a different method of heating, cooling and kiln control and each type has its own niche market where it is most usually used.

Coloured Glass

Coloured Glass can offer an alternative to traditional stained glass. It can create a contemporary alternative to such things as kitchen splashbacks, feature walls and of course windows.

Coloured glass artworks provide a focal point on any wall or ceiling and an instant talking topic as soon as one enters a room.

Textured Glass

Textured glass has a unique ability, in architectural applications, to perform as a decorative as well as a functional and structural building material.

Among its many uses and features is that it can provide a private yet airy environment that benefits from full light transmission that will limit casual attention. It can have a custom design or logo embossed onto it for added professional effect and is safety toughened to meet British and European safety standards.

Textured glass can be produced and supplied with a range of special effects and body tints that will enhance the natural green tint of the clear kiln formed glass by dramatically changing the overall look of the finished item.

Gilded Glass

Gilded glass can bring reflection and light into, a possibly, dark interior space or provide more light into a room that is used for a professional or special purpose. Like a mirror it is easy to clean, can be created to custom specification, can be applied to a textured or flat wall and is safety laminated to meet British and European safety standards.

Gilded glass can also be used to create artworks which could become a stunning focal point.

Glass, as we know it, has come such a long way from its humble beginnings and today is used in ways that are exciting, mind-boggling and eye-opening.