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Vernacular Architecture for Modern Times


With respect to architecture, the term vernacular is used to describe building designs and styles that reflect the local customs, needs, and building resources available. Since antiquity, people have learned through trial and error, the various structural concepts we often take for granted today. Vernacular architecture is the product of generations of experimentation, trial and error.

Although associated with outdated and primitive methods, the positive benefits of vernacular  housing   designs  – even in today’s ultra-modern world – are many. In fact, it is because we as a global race have advanced so much, so fast, in these very areas, that we have caused widespread depletion of resources, to the point that we have started to go back to our roots to find answers.

In our quest for new and better designs, stronger, more robust materials, and spacious, luxurious living spaces, we have all but forgotten what it has cost us. Technology and advancement in science can be a beautiful thing, but we must in our pursuit of such blessings, not forget to think further than our own short lives.

A generally recognized prerequisite for vernacular designs is the utilization of locally or regionally available resources. Another is that these resources be sustainable. These criteria ensure that needless fuel and energy isn’t spent on transporting supplies and materials when they can be acquired locally, and also that the local resources aren’t exhausted either.

Back before long-distance transportation of materials was viable, houses matched the resources locally available. In woody areas where there was plenty of lumber, it was common to find wooden houses. Likewise, in regions where trees and forests were scarce, indigenous peoples would opt to use mud and stone. In this way, local housing would reflect local resources.

Of course, in all things a balance is important. In today’s society, convenience and quality of life play a large role, which unfortunately places us in a rather frustrating game of tug o’ war with our environment – or should I say environmentalists. Even incorporating only the artistic and unique aspects of vernacular architecture is a start, and this is already being done.

The laws of physics have been around for long time, and this is proven by certain standard and uniform methods and “rules” that all structures – new and old – follow. Just because these guys didn’t get a Masters in  modern  structural engineering, it doesn’t mean their  houses  didn’t stand. In fact, all  modern  knowledge is the collective experience, trial, error, and hand-me-downs of such men and women throughout history.

There is much we have learned from history, and much we can still learn. – Vernacular architecture and the simple and humble ways of our forefathers is a small part of what we can still learn.


Modern Kitchen Designs


Designing a kitchen is far more complicated and important than designing any of the other rooms in a house. While on the one hand it may seem less so, as the options are more limited having to fit in every appliance and work surface, the fact of the matter is that a poorly designed kitchen can be the bane of the family cook and make hurried breakfasts more of a nightmare than they need to be. The kitchen is a room that you will be spending a lot of time in, meaning that you’ll have to look at it a lot; and one that you’ll be doing a lot of work in, meaning that you’ll be struggling to find and use things a lot.

 Modern  kitchen  designs  aim to please on both these counts and should make the work easier and the appearance more pleasing. By combining the popular trends of the moment with your personal preference and the shape of your kitchen, you should be able to make the most of your kitchen and get it looking like something out of a catalogue.

The first thing to consider when  designing  a  modern  kitchen is the flooring and the tiles. Stone flooring or tiles are currently popular and these are non-absorbent so easy to clean as well as difficult to stain. Pick a fairly plain pattern to keep your kitchen looking up-to-date, but go for something fairly dark and preferably with flecks to make crumbs and dirt show up less. Laminate flooring is also a popular option, though this can warp over time if you spill large amounts of liquid on it and is also more prone to chips and damage. For walls tiles are still fairly popular, again for being easy to clean. Choose a design that’s fairly minimalistic (as this is the current trend in interior design) and that compliments the choice of flooring.

Next you will need to decide on the appliances and design of the cupboards and sideboards. You should go for something cohesive that matches your flooring and tiles (sideboards in the same colour as the flooring is a good look while cupboards can be chosen to match the walls). To keep your cupboards  modern  look for rounded edges and doors that don’t allow slamming. White and silver are currently quite good colour choices, though they will show up spilled and splattered food more easily.

Finally you need to select your appliances. These should again compliment the colour scheme you’ve now developed and be both practical and aesthetically pleasing (going again for minimal amounts of buttons and handles). As far as possible these should fit seamlessly into work surfaces and cupboards. For example your fridge may look like any other cupboard when shut, while hobs should be on the work surfaces rather than part of a separate unit which gathers crumbs down the sides. Another trapping of  modern  life that’s incredibly practical and useful is the waste disposal which will blend anything that goes down your sink, preventing blocked drains and allowing you to peel over the sink.

Once you’ve chosen all of the parts it’s simply a matter of assembling them in a way around the kitchen that allows you to reach multiple appliances and work surfaces at once while maximising the space available to move around in.


Traditional Toilets and Suites


As much as we all love the look of   modern  style bathrooms, with its clean cut lines and smooth  design , whatever  modern   design  you choose it will inevitably go out of fashion and you will have to change your bathroom again in a few years. If you are a lover of the more Traditional Victorian style then this article is for you. The traditional design never dates, and will always give you the classic style you crave.

You will first need to consider how far you want to go with creating your perfect bathroom, do you want to go all the way and go back in time with a complete fully fitted Traditional Victorian bathroom? Or do you want to incorporate some  modern  touches in it to match the rest of the  house ? There are many different designs out there to help you achieve the look you want.

If the rest of your  house  is of  modern  and minimal  design , then consider just a few period fixtures such as a roll top bath with traditional taps, and a high rise level toilet with pull down chain. These will add that touch of class you require in your bathroom and will fit in with any  modern  touches you have. Consider the lighting also, to incorporate the traditional style it would look good to add the classic chandelier for that look of luxury.

If you essentially live in a period style property with period features, then the world wide web of Traditional Victorian Bathrooms is going to make you very happy! You will have so many items to choose from such as the ever stylish roll top bath, taps and bathroom furniture.

If you have the money to go mad on this re-design then you can’t go wrong with the truly traditional items such as Cast Iron Baths and Refurbished taps and fixtures, the quality is unbeatable when using Original Victorian items and will last you a life time. If you are on a tight budget then the cheaper items are still of great quality and will still give you the desired look you require but at a fraction of the price.

You will also want to consider the small details such as lighting, mirrors and radiators. If you have smaller bathroom then I would suggest a large mirror with soft lighting and bright d├ęcor. If you have a large bathroom with high ceilings then go for large items lower hanging lights, and in a large bathroom you can get away with adding a splash of colour whether it be dark or light colours. You might want to also consider some antique style free standing units for the extra storage space.

Shopping online will give you so many options whether it be on a small or large budget, you will find the right style and design that suites you and your home. Many online bathroom stores have showrooms so you can go and see before you buy, as it is a big purchase and if you are not completely satisfied with it then this will only disappoint you.


Architecture in Modern Homes


Modern homes come with designs that are not built as per any kind of pre-existing architectural norms and often come with experimental designs and look that is suited for the customer who wants to buy the home. These usually come with large central rooms with a well-made patio and a back is. Swimming pool and Jacuzzi is usually included in the homes, which come with starkly different color palettes as compared to normal homes, which may be available in the city. Such homes usually have lavish garages such that you can have ample amount of space for not only your cars but for also many other things that you want to store there.

Coming with stunning bedrooms and a huge living room space, this leads out onto the patio through the back door. Modern homes usually come with the entire electronics and the appliances pre-fitted such that they exactly match the look of the house. The bathrooms are usually splendidly decked up with high quality branded fixtures, which is guaranteed to give you style, utility and longevity. The houses also usually come with a home gym such that you can keep in shape and also enjoy the gourmet kitchen that is in the home.

You can also make your dream home designed according to a particular theme thereby lending to it a new kind of look that would otherwise not be possible. These homes can have a tropical theme done such that they can give that cool effect which will make your house different. Modern homes are also occasionally included with lifts, which help you to get to the various units in the house. You can have special hand crafted floors if you need for the homes. Lighting is something that is really important for newly designed homes, as it is this, which gives it the extra bit of zest in terms of the kind of flavor it puts forward.

Often it happens that the homes will have appliances from one brand in the kitchen and of another top brand in the bathroom such that the home owners get to use the best and experience the best in return for the huge amount of money that homes like these come for. Modern homes like these also at times come with their own specially designed courtyards, which are spacious and can have lawn fixtures like fountains etc. There are a lot of such homes, which come with architectural designs that you will not see anywhere else. However yes, to get one of these homes, you will have to shell out a pretty good amount of money.

Modern homes other wise can also come in special ultra chic design with furniture that are chrome finished to give it almost a space kind of look for that extra something. These homes come with kitchens, which have black finish floors and wood finish wall veneer to give you that warm feel. Along with that, you get multiple bedrooms with master beds decked with the latest and best sleep systems.


Minimalist Architecture For New Home Designs


If you are looking for modern house designs especially designed for style and functionality, then choosing Minimalist house designs and plans is right for you. It makes use of clean, geometric lines to create a sleek look. This is great for house design with limited area space. You will be able to make full use of all the space. It is simple, stylish and effective. To achieve a full minimalist effect, most houses use multiple function elements. The heater, for example, could be directly installed in the floors or walls.

Lighting is also very important when it comes to minimalist architecture. It makes use of only high quality lights, because the idea is to create a simple effect. Also, the colours black and white are very common. They are usually the basic colour of minimalist design houses. Sometimes, dark wood is also used for the floors. The roofs are usually flat, unlike regular houses. This is to further create a simple effect. It pays attention to the cleanliness of the joints of the walls as well. This is another reason why minimalist design makes use of flat roofs.

Pops of colour brighten the minimalist designed house. Bright colours like red, yellow and orange provide an interesting and aesthetically pleasing contrast to the overall design of the house. They usually take the form of vases, artworks, or simple pieces of display furniture.

If you want to know more about the latest in home design, it would be best to consult new home builders. They can design homes for you in any style you want. They can easily make use of the minimalist design. You can look at their various house designs and plans to see which one works for you. You can also look at a few house design and plan, for some inspiration. You can easily get your dream minimalist house and land package with the help of a good, reliable home builder.


Modern Use of the English Period Styles


The importance of English furnishings in America cannot be overestimated. During our Colonial period, English furniture, furnishing accessories, wallpapers, and chintzes were been continuously imported.

Unlike the French period styles, which demand great accuracy and a strict accord of architectural interior, designer window toppers, and furnishings, English furniture can be safely used in practically any American house or apartment. Even in a house of Spanish or Italian type, early English furniture is not impossible.

For the decorator or the householder, English furniture is always safer than any other type. The English themselves have been so conservative in holding on to earlier forms and assembling them with later models, that this assembling of early and late types in a house or even in a single room is not a forbidden practice.

It is wiser, however, to keep the early period types – Tudor, Elizabethan, and Jacobean together; while the periods of Dutch influence-William-and-Mary, Queen Anne, and Early Georgian are more suitable to be used with one another.

With Chippendale we touch more individual types and rooms in strict Chippendale style are often as delightful as those done in the French periods. Chippendale’s various types can frequently be assembled to advantage, but those in the Chinese style are best kept to themselves, unless one or two pieces are introduced as actual Chinese pieces might be introduced for variety.

Hepplewhite, Sheraton, and Adam types are often akin and may be nicely assembled. To the purist in design there is nothing more gratifying than a room in strict period style, and rooms furnished in pure period are soothing and unimpeachable. Still, the greatest latitude in the use of English furnishings is compatible with good taste.

French furniture and accessories can be introduced successfully into a scheme. A highly decorative chair or antique picture frames of the Early French periods-Henry II, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, often adds just that touch of stateliness, magnificence, and authority that a Tudor, Elizabethan, or even a Jacobean room may need.

Even an occasional Italian or Spanish piece of the same era may be introduced successfully. Louis XIV or XV commodes or tables, and even chairs may add charm to Chippendale furnishings, and many of the gracious pieces of the Louis XVI period give a delightful touch to the later Georgian styles of Hepplewhite, Sheraton and Adam.

A few Victorian pieces can be accommodated in modern rooms. When we consider the American Colonial and Early American furnishings, English types are quickly at home with the corresponding American interpretation of the period.

A single piece or several pieces from the English metropolis often grace Colonial furnishings, just as a well dressed and stylish English sister or brother from overseas graced many a provincial party in America in Colonial days, and was its central attraction. English furnishing accessories – pottery, pewter, glass, and silver are happily associated with American furnishings, and often in fact necessary to complete them.

In every period style, from Jacobean hand-blocked linens, through the various Georgian types in the Dutch, French and Classic modes to the splendid Victorian florals, chintzes are required for English, Colonial, Early American, and modern furnishings.

Wall hangings and corner protectors, window and door hangings, permanent upholstery, loose cushions and slip covers, screens, pillows, and lamp shades, dresser and table covers, and all those countless family touches that women deem indispensable for comfort. In the modern use of English furnishings no point requires the exercise of more careful judgment than floor coverings.

Other textiles such as silk, damask and brocades, woolen tapestry and needlework are all accurately adjusted to their period styles, but rugs and carpets are less studied and consequently less understood. The Oriental rug has been deemed the only suitable rug for the earliest periods, but this must be carefully selected as to type and coloring.

Persian, Syrian and Asia Minor types are available, as are also modern Chinese rugs. With Hepplewhite, Sheraton and Adam, rugs of French design of Aubusson type are appropriate. Designs in the classic mode of the Adams’ are considered necessary for rooms in the Adam style. Carpets to the baseboard are appropriate for Victorian rooms and may be used in modern rooms.


Things to Consider When Finding the Right Home


If you are a first time home buyer, then it can be very overwhelming. There are a lot of modern house designs that it can be very hard to choose the right house. First time home buyers often make the mistake of buying houses for sale that is incompatible with their needs. However, with a few tips, any new home buyer could find the right house display.

The first thing you need to consider is the location and neighborhood. If you are a little short on budget, and want to get a home display that is quiet, away from city life, then a home in the country or suburbs is for you. They are less expensive, and are generally newer than other houses. However, if you want a display home that is nearer to your place of employment, an urban location is right for you. Although it is generally noisier in these locations, you will be able to save a lot of money on transportation.

The type of modern house design will also be a major consideration, as they will determine the spaciousness of your house display. It also has to do with your needs. For example, single family homes have a wide lawn. Meanwhile, condos, apartments and townhouses are smaller and less expensive than single family houses. This also has to do with the number of stories your house should have.

Choosing a home builder that can relate and understand what you need is best if you want to have a perfect dream house. There a lot of new home builders you can consult. It would also be best to look at display house or design houses for a little reference. This will give you a lot of new ideas for your house. A modern house designs can be very helpful for first time home buyers looking for a land for sale.

In choosing the right modern house design, you can see and seek help with the resources that you can find through online. There is a lot of options of house plans and designs that you can choose from. Choose carefully and make sure that it will not only fit your taste but also fit with your budget.


Several Architectural Designs


The Architectural Garrison Design

An attractive house that includes a number of special features is a modern presentation for the traditional Garrison. A distinguishing feature is the overhanging second story. This construction technique includes a number of advantages. First the separate corner post on each floor make it possible to use shorter, stronger posts. Secondly The short straight lines provide economy in framing materials. Last but not least extra space is added at the second level by the overhang at very little extra cost. The steep pitch roof adds attic space. Narrow siding maintains the traditional styling.

The Salt Box Design

An interesting and easily recognizable Colonial is the Salt Box, it is a direct offshoot of the basic colonial half house, resulting in a long roofline sloping gently from ridge to eaves. Many of today’s beautiful homes have borrowed from this distinctive style, developed by master builders of early American times. The Salt Bo. House gets its name from the shape of coffee, tea, cracker, and salt boxes found in Colonial stores. The side elevations of these containers had the same general shape as this fascinating architectural style. Variations of this style are used to enhance many new homes.

The long low roofline at the rear of the house came about by the addition of “lean-to” structures being attached to add more living space. As further developments evolved, the low slanting roof was helpful in combating the bitter winds common to New England winters.

The southern Colonial Design

One of the most gracious of all the Colonials is the traditional Southern Colonial. The style, which reflects the warmth, quaintness, and hospitality of the old south, is shown throughout the Southern Colonial. This modern design borrows many of the fine details of the Southern Colonial to express a mood of elegance and traditional charm. The outstanding architectural features are the front colonnade and the giant portico. The extended portico sheltered the front entrance from the weather and kept direct sunlight from glaring into the first and second story rooms. These homes were usually massive, with upper and lower balconies, three story chimney for bedroom fireplaces, ornate woodwork and iron trim, and a roof over the driveway to protect persons using the side entrance. Many of these features of the Southern Colonial may be adapted to the aesthetic qualities of modern homes.

It is evident that the influences of the past, both in beauty and function, have had a profound effect on modern home designs. On the other hand, many new materials, appliances and modes of living have caused the architect to “think out” ways to plan homes for all styles of modern living. The modern American home is a combination of many of these factors.

Modern Structures

The style of houses, that is generally called modern, is the result of years of architectural planning, design and evolution. Many are will planned while others lack imagination or design balance. Some inexpensive homes are functionally satisfactory for a family, yet for economical measure, the exterior styling may have to be quite conservative in the use of a variety of materials. The ability of the architect and the needs ofr finances of the family are two factors which generally dictate the modern styles being planned.

The term modern or contemporary does not denote any one particular architectural style. Most modern homes borrow some distinctive features from more traditional structures. Others appear almost independent of past designs, and it makes little difference in our society just what constitutes modern styling. The most important job for the architect is to design a home that satisfies the customer, one that he or she may live in with pride and joy. In today’s society, individual tastes vary to the extent that many people desire a house that is distinctly different from other houses. The owner may have a great satisfaction that his house represents his style of living and individuality. He may enjoy the warmth of natural wood, or solid structural design of a brick home.

The rapid development of new construction materials and methods of fabrication has made it possible to design homes that require a minimum of maintenance, for example some make use of extensive glass, or place the emphasis on exposed structural members.

The Ranch Design

One Prominent modern architectural home style is the ranch home. This is basically a lone, low, one story house that grew out of the “ranchers” homes of the southwestern part of the country. The plain ranch design generally has a low pitched roof with gables and overhanging eaves. It is normally built on a concrete slab with no basement. However, over the years ranch homes have taken on many newer features. They usually have a one or two car attached garage. Basements are often added, and many have gone to an L shape to add interest and break up the straight line effect. Skylights and cathedral ceilings, provide variations.

New design concepts and additions to the basic ranch style have probably added more to the development of contemporary of futuristic homes than any other major factors. The ranch has taken new twists, turns, angles and curves to the enchantment of the architect of today and tomorrow. To visit an online CAD drafting, and 3D Modeling companies follow this link CAD Drafting and 3D Modeling Thank You.


Modern Interior Design for Good-Looking House


People like modern design because of the simplicity it brings. Modern interior is associated with minimalist design with glossy finishes and modern gadgets. To have modern design is easy since you don’t need to think profoundly about the furnishings and the like. Choose what you like and you think unique. This is the art of modern architecture.

Now we are going to talk about the types which have modern design. When you see some aspect of home in which the surfaces are undecorated, it adopts modern design. Natural material is also another type of modern design. Also, when you see a house with wide open area which lets more light enter the rooms, this one is also a type of modern design. When you think of some eco-friendly design, you can choose innovative architecture and natural materials to the forefront of your house.

Now you might consider the architectural elements, like the door, window, skylight, and flooring. As we have mentioned before, when you let more natural lights to feel the rooms, you are giving modern look to your house. You can fix sliding doors and solar tubes. Open floor and multipurpose spaces or entertainment areas could give modern accent to your house.

You can consider natural materials and finishes, like wood, cotton, paper, stone, and ceramic tile, and combined with glossy marble, stainless steel, lacquer and chrome. Next, you may give some modular furnishings and add some large oil painting or cutting-edge wall mural. To decorate the rooms, especially for living entertainment area or some multipurpose spaces, you can add family photos, heirlooms, or some favorite artworks. For example, you can put an artwork vertically on a narrow wall with some black lacquer frames. For the theme, you can choose natural or abstract art. You might also add some hand-painted mural to give a bohemian look.

Now you might consider palette. Set it with cool accent by incorporating neutral colors, like soft earth tone and blue-based gray. Now you can also combine white walls with black color. You may add some accents of orange, lime green, or red to the combination of black and white. Furthermore, you can use creativity to set modern design in your home. You may consider vintage wallpaper, large paintings put on the walls, or cascading sheers with variety of colors. Those are tips to give modern interior design to your home. We hope this article is useful for you.


Kitchen Remodeling For Your Modern House Designs


If you are looking for some ideas regarding your kitchen remodeling then you probably need to know where to find good resources. You can try home display and  house   design  website, or you can ask professional home builders to help you and give you some idea on how to make your  modern   house   designs  and kitchen absolutely beautiful.

For you kitchen remodeling, choose a kitchen flooring material that is comfy to your underfoot given that you may be standing for long periods preparing and cooking meals or cleaning up your dishes. All through your visit to the display homes store, lay on the floor a few samples and types of flooring material you like and that best suits your budget. In that case, stand up on them without your shoes to check how hard the floor surface juts so you know how it feels under your feet and if it’s comfortable enough while you are standing. After you have chosen the perfect type of tiles then you can decide what colour you want.

The second thing you need to consider upon buying a perfect kitchen floor is that if the kitchen floor is a material for noise also. By way of using your shoes on, take a few steps and listen to the sound you make and the sounds it came from the floor.  Modern   house   designs  follow an open kitchen design and are typically attached to the family room. The noise came from your shoes can be a problem rather bother the other members who are conversing or watching television in the living area.

Kitchen remodeling might be lead you to spend more money so be careful on choosing the right material. Choose the quality before the quantity. Make sure also to ask some suggestions from your home builders or family and relatives to give you more ideas that will help you a lot with your kitchen remodeling. Interior designer can also help you, home living and style magazines might give you some suggestions and of course the Internet as it will not only help you find the right kitchen design but also it helps you find it fast and easy.