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Interior Design Knows No Boundaries


Interior design concepts are infinite. If you can visualize it, you can make it happen. With just two coats of new paint, a Persian rug, or furniture rearrangement, many homes can be magnificently transformed; however, other homes may require a complete architecture interior design. No matter how much you want to do, an expert interior designer will arrive with all the required tools.

Simple, clean   designs  are the hallmark of  modern  interior  design . They combine intense lines and muted colors with basic white and stainless steel. Hanging light fixtures that emit dim light are typically used. Items are discretely hidden away in secret storage bins that blend in with the interior. The furniture of choice can be changed, shifted, bent, and reattached to suit a variety of functions. Attractive to persons who adore  modern   design  are windows that are large and rooms reminiscent of cityscapes. While some people may find it to be too sterile, others like its fresh and crisp design.

Architecture interior design changes with the times. A separate wing for the bedrooms, open floor plans for families to interact, and generally a better usage of space are what consumers are searching for in homes right now. Bathroom design is trending to a home spa ambiance with such amenities as dual-head shower stalls, double vanities, and whirlpools and/or saunas. Meanwhile, the newest designs for kitchens provide a fully working nook or a breakfast bar. Wild and bold colors are paired with big windows and high ceilings in  modern  living rooms. More creative designs will continue to be in our future.

Environmental, sustainable design stays very trendy, thanks to client demand, while architects seek out methods to not merely mix more recycled, environmentally friendly building materials into their creations, but also incorporate indoor-outdoor aspects to produce a more pleasurable environment. Innovative designs include features using indoor water, plant-life, natural lighting, and organic building materials, such as wood and stone. A popular theme is to make homes that are both visually appealing and very functional. Secret storage units, control panels, built-in shelves, and logical space usage are some of the interior design ideas to be aware of.

To have a career in architecture interior design, you have to finish a thorough program of schooling centering on architecture, structural systems design, cooling and heating systems, safety principles, sustainable expansion, specialized standards, and interior design services. There are many attitudes regarding interior  design , some love classic beauty whereas others prefer the more edgy  modern  trend. Whatever their taste, a good architect interior designer has the knowledge and desire to find a way to create a space that pleases any client.


New York’s Highlights of Modern Art


From Frank Sinatra to Sarah Jessica Parker, the city of New York has consistently maintained the supreme position of being the centre of America’s entertainment and art industry. So much so that during the better part of the twentieth century New York has been in the forefront as America’s greatest export.

One of the most prominent positions of the cultural scene of New York is held by the Museum of  Modern  Art, an establishment exclusively for  modern  art. Founded in 1929, this famous gallery moved around quiet a bit until it established itself in the current location in Midtown Manhattan.

The museum it self is housed in one of New York’s most lauded buildings, a design by the celebrated Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi. The redesigning of the permanent home of the Museum of  Modern  Art was completed in 2004 and it’s current signature features of contemporary architecture not only reflects its true identity but also makes the structure itself a much appreciated piece of  modern  art.

The Museum of  Modern  Art  houses  some of the most unique, much sought after and celebrated pieces of  modern  art, including ‘The Persistence of Memory’ by Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ and Frida Kahlo’s ‘Self Portrait with Cropped Hair’. The Museum is also home to the works of a multitude of America’s most celebrated  modern  artists including, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Edward Hopper. Apart from these highlights of the world’s  modern  art, the Museum also  houses  a world famous collection of art photography, with works by Cindy Sherman and Andreas Gursky.

The Museum of  Modern  Art with its influential position in New York, as a landmark as well as a part of its alluring art scene, is a clear stop for any one visiting New York. The museum’s uniquely accessible nature welcomes all visitors and its collection of artistic delights is sure to fascinate even the novices of  modern  art.

For those interested in the unique experience of New York, along with the theatre, museums and the art scene of Midtown Manhattan, there are plenty of lodging options to choose from. Ranging from Budget hotels to luxury accommodation the accommodation options available in Midtown are ideal for those keen on art and especially enthusiastic about the Museum of  Modern  Art.

Finding accommodation to suit ones travel needs could be a challenging task, especially if there are time and budget constraints. Online lodging option providers come in handy in the selection process, especially in finding bargain deals in hotel accommodation. Hotel reviews and price comparison also eases the hassle involved in traveling.

The Hotel Mela New York provides easy access to this great museum and other attractions such as Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall and the Broadway. Its central location right in the heart of Times Square also offers its guests easy access to popular shopping areas and night life. The hotel offers comfortable and  modern  accommodation with a unique blend of Italian and New York cultures. But most of all it provides easy access to the best of America’s entertainment and art.


Common Kitchen Styles and Designs


If you are searching to install a brand-new kitchen into your house then you’ll definitely find out you will discover a staggering array of absolutely free kitchen design and style inspiring ideas you are able to make a choice from in order to feed your very own new design plans and blueprints. Alongside the bathroom your kitchen is the most important room in your house for getting correct in design terms. Besides the corridor your kitchen attracts the highest level of foot traffic in your own home. Most folks spend a large amount of time in the kitchen, in particular families and whenever some thing is simply not suitable it’s going to bug you each time you look at it.

I recommend you invest considerable time seeking out free kitchen layout creative ideas prior to when you approach a kitchen design shop. That way you’ll have a substantially more targeted notion of what you are looking for and are generally more likely to motivate the merchant to offer you an unique deal. They can see you as being a sincere prospective client which has spent time building a strong idea and is aware of what they have to have. Layout recommendations are located in numerous avenues like house and home journals, kitchen showrooms, build it yourself stores, kitchen internet websites not to mention friends’ properties. Try to be able to formulate at the very least two to three style concepts making use of these techniques. For now the following is several of the actual most fashionable kitchen models that you can look into to get you started off:

Country Style, This style can be labeled as early American or even colonial and creates a stunning quaint farm kitchen image. Usually the kitchen will certainly offer wide open shelves, pot racks plus a typical sense of being very well lived in, highlighted through the various color schemes of the actual cabinets.

Contemporary, This excellent design and style features clean and simple lines. Kitchen cabinets usually are futuristic in appearance without having carvings or even especially ornate features. Usually the stress is definitely on design coupled with practical class. Shaker, This is often a simple and practical design and style which includes flat panel doors, wooden kitchen countertops together with brass hardware.

French Country, They’re warm welcoming kitchen areas made up of solid wood and also soft colours. Natural components feature highly just like huge furnishings with ornate carvings.

Arts and Crafts, Truly growing to be a common design and even features glass panels and also natural real wood tones which have been finished in a matte sheen. This specific fashion can be hugely artistic.

And lastly, look at the themes or templates you may have utilised in various other rooms in order that the kitchen style and design you finally pick harmonizes well within your general design. Let’s hope our free of charge kitchen style thoughts make it easier to get a good start in ones project.


All About European House Plans


Many people have fallen in love with the idea of a European house. It just seems to be so sophisticated and, God forbid, luxurious to live in a European house. Here are some tips to help you look for great European house plans:

1. A blend of   modern  and historical

Many people are primarily attracted to European houses because of the historical feel to it. However, this look can be a bit tiring. When you get European house plans, you need to make sure that you have something that looks historical, but not out of date.

That is, you want European house plans which combine the old with the new. You want your house to show sophistication, not extinction. By getting European  house  plans which blend history with the  modern , you will be able to declare that you have something which is timeless. That is a very hard effect to achieve.

2. Form and function

Just as in the first tip, the key to this one is balance. You need to find some European house plans which blend both form and function. That is, the house should not just look good, it has to have purpose. Think about gargoyles in old European churches – they are made to be decorative and functional. By choosing European house plans which blend form and function, you will be able to truly make a sound investment.

Why? Well, the fact is that although people appreciate beauty, when it comes to investments, they really need to know whether something has a purpose or not. If you make use of European house plans which blend both function and style, you might actually be able to make sure that you’ll get a great price if you decide to sell someday.

3. Land

When you get European house plans, be sure to examine them while keeping the lot in mind. This is because the beauty of the actual house often depends upon the place where it stands. When you look over the European house plans that you are choosing from, try to visualize the house as it would look like on the grounds.

Does the house fit the land? If not, is there anything you can do in order to alter the house or the grounds in order to fix the problem? The main reason why people get European house plans is because this allows them to make changes on paper -a process certainly much less expensive than reconstruction.


Glass Design And Modern Uses In Today’s World


The creation and production of textured and coloured glass, for decorative glass projects, is a highly specialised and skillful business. There are quite a few companies within the UK who perform this function but not many of them can deal with glass art.

Modern homes today use glass in ways unexplored before and glass features have increased to such an extent that it is sometimes very difficult to decide whether a standard household item, like a sink, should be made from the usual traditional material or from glass.

There are a few companies who thrive on exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of using glass for unusual purposes as well as those who have the ability and foresight to create stunning, visual concepts of design and then are able to adapt them to the real world.

With glass of so many different colours and textures it is not surprising that ideas for its use are so varied and diverse. Each of the differences are produced using a different method of heating, cooling and kiln control and each type has its own niche market where it is most usually used.

Coloured Glass

Coloured Glass can offer an alternative to traditional stained glass. It can create a contemporary alternative to such things as kitchen splashbacks, feature walls and of course windows.

Coloured glass artworks provide a focal point on any wall or ceiling and an instant talking topic as soon as one enters a room.

Textured Glass

Textured glass has a unique ability, in architectural applications, to perform as a decorative as well as a functional and structural building material.

Among its many uses and features is that it can provide a private yet airy environment that benefits from full light transmission that will limit casual attention. It can have a custom design or logo embossed onto it for added professional effect and is safety toughened to meet British and European safety standards.

Textured glass can be produced and supplied with a range of special effects and body tints that will enhance the natural green tint of the clear kiln formed glass by dramatically changing the overall look of the finished item.

Gilded Glass

Gilded glass can bring reflection and light into, a possibly, dark interior space or provide more light into a room that is used for a professional or special purpose. Like a mirror it is easy to clean, can be created to custom specification, can be applied to a textured or flat wall and is safety laminated to meet British and European safety standards.

Gilded glass can also be used to create artworks which could become a stunning focal point.

Glass, as we know it, has come such a long way from its humble beginnings and today is used in ways that are exciting, mind-boggling and eye-opening.


Abundant And Versatile Modern Furniture


 Modern  furniture offer much convenience and choice when it comes to  design , material used in making them or price. Home owners can materialize any kind of room they have in mind with the almost endless range of selection that  modern  furniture provides.

Home is where the heart is indeed, and to make a home out of a house you need to set it up properly ensuring the utmost care and comfort for each member. It is not surprising why the interior designing business is doing so well. The right décor of a room can be more than just walls of concrete and piles of wood, it gives you comfort, style and can even, at times, sets your mood.

The items that take up the most space of your room usually the furniture items. Beds, tables, nightstands, dressers, chairs, chests etc can be normally found more than one in a room. Each serves a purpose like sleeping, reading, storing clothes, holding various items and so on. Furniture are also being bestowed with designs or colors that beautify the space where they are placed.

Since the development till the present day, furniture has undergone tremendous changes in design incorporated or materials used for production. Today, there are a humongous variety of designs, colors, materials etc., that one can choose from while ordering a set of furniture. The  design  that is most popular at present is known as the  modern  or contemporary furniture.

 Modern  or contemporary furniture can be considered as a culmination of all the furniture  designs  that precede it. One should not confuse the name ‘ modern ‘ with just a single  design , most likely an all-new and latest developed  design , as the word  modern  might suggest.  Modern  or contemporary furniture rather encompasses a very vast and varied types of furniture  designs . This actually helps in catering to various types of tastes that different people have.

With the coming of newer technologies, the design and components of furniture have also evolved. You can easily get the desired look in your room by buying the right type of furniture. For instance you can install furniture made mostly of glass and metal components or go for an all wood furniture set or mix several types of materials and designs and bring out a unique feel in the same room.

However, since furniture sets are usually huge and heavy, it is important that you order wisely. No matter, how good the store’s services are, it is always, messy when in case you want to replace a furniture set that you have just bought, due to reasons like improper size (for your space) or mismatched color and so on. It is a wastage of time and effort.

Therefore, it is good to do as much research as possible before you actually hit the store. Know your room very well, right from its width, length and height to its walls’ color, position of doors, windows and so on. Prior idea on textures, both of the furniture you want and the room where you intend to place it, is also helpful. The exact area where you want the furniture to sit and the space available should also be kept in mind.

Budget is an important factor no matter what you buy, and the same applies to furniture also. With the budget and furniture decided, go on and compare the prices of the same or similar type of furniture from multiple stores. You will find that different stores offer items in different ways. This will help you to find the one that suits you the best. While buying furniture, the higher priced sets don’t always guarantee the best for you.

You may also try mixing a variety of designs if you have a flair and good taste for interior designing. If successful, you could be even able to let your room reflect your personality. You can also think of making changes in the room’s lighting (if need be) according to the set up of the room. There are lots that you can experiment with  modern  furniture in your room or else, if you want to avoid the effort, you can call a professional interior designer anytime to decorate your room.


An Introduction to Modern Interior Design


When people think of interior design, images of perfect looking rooms in beautiful homes often come to mind. Certainly, some well planned interior  designing  took place to create such a beautiful venue, but  modern  interior  design  is not limited to the most exclusive and expensive homes. There is a real function for interior design as well. Not just in homes, but in almost any edifice you can imagine.

Interior design is meant to serve a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one. Everyone would like their home to look beautiful and solicit admiring comments from guests, but a truly well designed home or business will use well designed plans to improve the overall experience of the visitor as well. When form meets function, great things happen. In fact, once you get past flipping through the pages of the latest design magazines, you will find that on a larger, more practical scale, the true purpose of interior design is to make inside spaces more functional.

When plans are set down on paper for new buildings, one of the most important things that is considered is how the space will work for visitors. In a retail setting, this means creating a space that is comfortable for shoppers and which draws them deep into the store. They must feel at ease and be able to lose themselves in the experience of shopping. Sometimes, this is done on a very basic level. A visit to the grocery store will prove this. The most commonly purchased items are generally placed deep within the store. This forces shoppers to walk past hundreds of other items which are also strategically placed to call out for an impulse purchase. Even the check out lanes are lined with small items that draw the attention of the person waiting in line. Imagine how many small items like chewing gum, candy bars, or flashy tabloid magazines are thrown into the shopping cart every day during the three to five minute wait before reaching the cashier.

Of course, a grocery store is an extreme example. Other venues use interior design in a more subtle way to influence the feelings and behaviors of the people within them. Professional offices are generally designed to inspire a productive atmosphere. Medical or dental offices will be painted in soothing shades to lessen the anxiety of patients during their visits. There is much planning and thought that goes into any well designed interior space. Making the most of that space can be a challenge, but it is worth the effort.


Modern Coffee Tables


 Modern  coffee tables are part of the  modern  furniture movement influenced by modernism. It was produced from the late nineteenth century all the way up to present day.

What makes this style so fantastic is that it is a great departure from all table designs that had been designed before. Ornate and dark carved wood and lavishly patterned fabrics gave way to simple designs and polished metals.

The tables themselves went from a very heavy visual style to a much, much lighter one.

That’s why  modern  coffee tables can bring much desired lightness and liveliness to your living spaces.

What Are  Modern  Coffee Tables Made Of?

Many new materials are used in the production of these tables. The use of plastic became much more prevalent. Contemporary art was meshed with furniture  designs  to create a working philosophy among  modern  furniture manufacturers.

Plastic is not the only material being used. Glass, aluminum, steel, chrome, lighter woods and wood composites are also being used.

The aesthetic sophistication has reached new heights with the newest pieces created by the leading contemporary furniture manufacturers.

The angles, color, design, and mood of each piece is far more sophisticated than what we’ve seen just the past 5 years. Today’s pieces are literally works of art.

Finding Your Perfect Table Online

Visit any store online and see how the selection of lively and stunning tables is far beyond what you would expect to find at the mall or local furniture store.

Just a few clicks and you’re on your way to discovering an enormous selection with inspirational designs and styles to fit the contemporary concept of decorating your home, office, den, garden, patio and more.

There are hundreds of online furniture dealers…

How do you find a reliable dealer?

The answer is simple…

Pick the right designer.

There are many designers but not all of them have been able to gain a solid reputation.

We want you to get the best table (or tables) money can buy so we have compiled a list of today’s highest ranking brands: Innovation USA, RTA, Ideal, Powell, Azura, Global Furniture USA, Winsome, Parker House, Lifestyle Solutions, Linon, Adesso, Avenue Six, Parker House, Sanus, Tema, Transdeco, Offi, Calligaris, Stanley, and Eurostyle.

These designers produce very beautiful and reliable  modern  coffee tables.

And no matter which of these designers you decide to purchase make sure you choose one that fits well within the boundaries of your life and reflects your need for functional,  modern  tables.


Kitchen Makeover Planning


When planning about a remodeling or renovating our kitchens, we need to have a solid new plan on how we would like our kitchens to look like. If possible, we need to recreate a whole new design for our kitchen. This way, we will have an entire new kitchen and not the old design.

There are lots of kitchen makeover plans that we can choose from. These designs have been recreated by architects inspired by different ideas from around the globe. Imagine having an English style kitchen while living in Asia. It would create a new feel for our homes.

The kitchen is probably the busiest part of the house. This is where we cook and prepare our foods and sometimes even eat out meals here. We also invite visitors into our kitchen and loves to show them how well designed it is.

There comes a time when we really need to change the look of our kitchen, not only when it needs a repair.

Here are different makeover ideas that we can choose from when planning for a kitchen makeover:

· Country-Inspired

This is a designed inspired with wood color furniture. Most of the country designs are of simple artistic ideas with rich wood ambiance. This is what people have in their traditional homes. The lightning on this design is bright as it reflects the color of the kitchen interior.

· Nature Loving Kitchen

It is one of the most artistically designed ideas for the kitchen. This is for people who loves nature and uses materials from it to use a designing tool. For example, the walls can be made from stones, which came straightly from the mines, and other big ricks that are carved by hand. We can also create this   design  for  modern  homes.

· Classic Design

This is another kitchen idea that gives a classic and old feel to our homes. Even though it is known as classic, many  modern   houses  prefer this  design  for its chic and shabby feel. Furniture with this design is more simple yet elegant in the same way with dark wood colors and all natural hues.

· Stylish

Pretty much what the  modern   houses  have, stylish  designs  are now one of the mostly used ones for remodeling the kitchen. For one that already has the other designs, they would want to have the newest and lasts of kitchen architectures. It can be a mixture of the Asian, Cottage, Country and Classic or Vintage designs mixed together. The idea is to be playful and try anything with your artistic talents to create a more sudden and more attractive kitchen.

Those are just a few of the many kitchen ideas that we can do to our lovely kitchens. Feel free to experiment with what you want, and what styles are of the latest trends.


Bedroom Interior Design – 4 Themes Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom


There are a number of bedroom interior design ideas that can be incorporated in the renovation or design of your room. Before you start searching for ideas however, it is good to first take note of your personal preferences with regards to your bedroom. Apart from the actual design, take note of the various needs and functions that is essential in designing your bedroom.

A good place to begin your search for bedroom interior design ideas is a rundown of architectural design periods or eras for a design theme. You may adopt an Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Gothic, Oriental,   Modern  theme, and the like.

1. Egyptian theme

Gold is a popular color for the Egyptian motif because that was how magnificent pyramid interiors were. For this theme, you may also incorporate Egyptian writings and images that were prevalent in tombs and pyramids.

2. Greek and Roman theme

These two are alike in a way, and the Romans were said to improve a number of Greek arts including architecture. Both used columns, and if you have a big space then this is one of those good bedroom interior design ideas to work on.

3. Gothic

Choose this theme if you like the color black, gargoyles, and an eccentric looking bedroom. If you are looking for bedroom interior design ideas that make an impact, then this is certainly one of those.

4. Oriental and  Modern 

These two design influences can pertain to the Japanese way of designing. However, oriental can also garner influences from other Asian countries and  modern   design  can also be free from any oriental influences. Moreover,  modern   design  can be reflected by the use of industrial materials as well as the use of the minimalism concept.

Decorating your bedroom with a period theme in mind is just an example of a long list of possibilities for bedroom interior design ideas. There are lots more and you’ll soon be overwhelmed with all the options you can do to your bedroom.