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The House of Architects – Interior Design


Albina Nazimova, interior decorator, and Ilya Piganov, artist have invaded the “holiest of holies” with impunity. This is a place you can’t just stroll into off the street (in any sense). There’s no sign – something that especially advanced socialites may regard as ultra-trendy. The atmosphere is as yet correct and tranquil devoid of frenzy, quietly club-like. Members of the Union of Architects (whose building this is) continue to appear here – at least once a month, when they come to pay their membership fees. The restaurant of the House of Architects in Granatny pereulok has from Soviet times been known for its mix of exclusiveness and democratic tolerance – like all restaurants in creative unions, incidentally.

When the decision was taken to refurbish it the designers were confronted with two problems. The first was the force of tradition, which encouraged people to regard this as a kind of private club mainly for architects and their friends. The second was the space’s unambiguous and rigid structure. The tradition had to be maintained in some way; the architecture, to be left intact. From the start, it was decided that the large “main” room, the powerful pseudo-antique columns dividing the latter from the small “side-chapels”, and the small cafe ‘ in the “vestibule” would be preserved. But it’s difficult to believe that an interior constructed in the 1970s in a style reminiscent more of the Soviet Baltic states than of Moscow – more of Jurmala than Palanga, – a masculine, naturally aggressive interior, could be so transformed. And transformed, moreover, without the intervention of a professional architect. Leaving the architecture untouched, interior-decorator Albina Nazimova has made the restaurant more “feminine”, softer, and – more complex.

A hint of withering, a few drops of bourgeoiserie, a faint nostalgia for the vanished Great Empire. The existing claret was diluted with grey; the ultramarine was diluted with gray, and the green, also diluted with grey. The result is an elegant pallor, as if everything were covered with a layer of museum dust – that non-specialists are not advise to touch. Albina Nazimova says she wanted “the main palette and emotional color to derive from what Ilya Piganov was doing”. The restaurant has ten panels by this well-known Moscow artist. All are photo-collages realized through complicated technique that Piganov invented himself. These works fit neatly into the difficult space. Piganov’s objects are, on the one hand, complex and painstakingly made.

One can gaze at them forever as with Persian miniatures or fantastically patterned wallpaper on a sleepless night. On the other hand, they are unobtrusive and easily fade into the background when people wish to focus on something else – an important quality in art which is to be displayed in a public space. Not only the colors, but the furniture and lighting are successful. The restaurant has nut and ebony tables, sofas, and chairs bought in China (after taking Europe by storm, the idea of ordering designer furniture from the Orient has made inroads into Russia too), all powerfully lit by designer lights. Ingo Maurer’s Classical chandelier (which has become the maestro’s calling card) copes excellently with the high ceilings. Chellini’s standard lamps do the same for the length and width of the rooms.

Granatny pereulok, 7, the House of Architects


A Fresh Look at Modern Interior Furniture Design


Most of the  modern  interior designers are moving away from the good, old classic look, which is bulky and heavy, and moving to cleaner looking techniques for interior furniture  design . They are also moving to new materials when choosing to design new furniture. This furniture may not be as comfortable as the older styles of furniture from past generations, but they provide many appealing options to today’s consumer including choices of styles, color, material, and textures that are sure to go with any décor in any room, whether it is to decorate the inside an office building or a home. This gives the consumer the ability to decide which furniture to go for based on her taste, giving her more artistic freedom to pick and choose the designs that she would like.

As technology and architecture made a change in the types of materials that are now available, design concepts have also made drastic changes in concept over the last hundred years. For instance, designers used cleaner lines for furniture; they moved forward to match the straight, simplistic lines of architecture. A zigzag chair, for example, which is shaped like a “Z”, can give any room a unique look. Furniture is also now produced in mass quantities instead of piece by piece. This makes furniture available for all customers.

As time moved forward, many designers also moved forward with bold colors. They started using primaries as the main colors in their designs. The drastic change varied greatly from the past antique furniture, which was merely stained wood, or possibly painted white. The early 1900s  modern  interior  designs  furniture, which changed in color, now changed color schemes in many places worldwide, introducing colorful and bold looks into the interior design industry.

Steel is now being used in the interior design industry as well, as technology was developed that allowed for tubular steel rather than solid pieces of steel to be used in the manufacture of furniture. This allowed for lighter but still durable furniture to be made. This type of steel was hollow in the center, providing strength to it, while still being a lightweight solution for  modern  furniture. Steel started being used in different types of furniture including tables, chairs, dressers, and beds. It gave a great look to all types of furniture. Metal and leather were both used together in order to create comfortable furniture that any buyer would want.


Must Have Luxury Furniture in Every Modern House


You will agree that the perfect  modern  home should be elegant, yet comfortable, eclectic, and yet consistent. You may think that you need to buy so many things and spend a fortune on furniture and home accessories to make your home look great. It’s not so much about how many items you invest in, but the quality of those few items that will make a real statement in your home. There are certain items -specifically furniture pieces – that will achieve that. It’s what we call the “Must Have Luxury Furniture in Every  Modern   House “.

The key is to mix styles and items together – new and old, classic and contemporary – in a way that the value of the result is much higher than the value of every item together. The result? Pure luxury!

You probably have a few furniture items and home accessories that you bought years ago and that look boring and outdated. Maybe you have a few old pieces you inherited or were given to you by friends and family. Don’t throw them away! Learn how to combine them with some new pieces, and create a luxury space for yourself and your family to enjoy and relax.

For the living room, a must have is a contemporary chrome floor lamp. I would recommend a replica of the original 1960’s Arc lamp. This lamp will bring a glam retro look, ideal in our  modern  homes. A luxury item, without the price tag!

What happens if you have an old sofa? Sofas are expensive, so spend money wisely. You’re better off covering it with a casual throw or a faux-fur blanket, and investing in a glamorous chaise longue or Louis XV style chair. That way you will have more place for seating, and you will acquire a real pearl!

Another way to “glam up” your living room is adding a chandelier and a mirror. A glass cut chandelier with droplets always look great, especially if you have high ceilings. Nowadays they are available in many colours, so you can go for a classic clear or black one, but if you’re not afraid of colour, a bright red chandelier is a great choice. When it comes to mirrors, you’re spoiled for choice: a gold Baroque mirror, a black carved one… Don’t be scared to go over the top. Mirrors add depth and light, and always a great option to dress a naked wall! Place it over a console table, or invest in an over-mantle mirror if you have a fireplace. Mirrors look great, and are so much more affordable than any piece of art!

When it comes to furnishing bedrooms, the must have piece is a fabulous bed. The Versailles style beds or the French Chateau ones are more popular than ever, and add that unmistakably French luxury touch that you were craving for long. If your budget is limited, a really good alternative to buying a complete bed frame is to buy an affordable divan bed, and glam it up with a Rococo headboard.

If you’re still within budget, spoil yourself and get two luxurious Venetian bedside tables. Moreover, if you don’t mind going over-budget, don’t hesitate to buy a silver embossed console table. It would look great in the hall, the living room, or even the bedroom. Some console tables are very versatile, and can be used as dressing tables – a must have in every woman’s bedroom. If you choose one that can be used either way, place it in your bedroom, compliment it with a beautiful silver Rococo mirror, and spend some time making sure you look as great as your house!


Design the Perfect Modern Master Bedroom


Would you like to  design  the perfect  modern  master bedroom? Do you find that you have plenty of space to work with, but not enough creativity to do anything with it? Are you the type that has plenty of creative ideas to work with, but the bedroom space that you have is just too limited to work them all in? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are sure to welcome helpful hints to let you discover tricks and techniques used to  design  the perfect master bedroom – in a  modern  tone!

Today’s “ modern ” master bedrooms consist of many unique color schemes and unique geometric patterns and shapes. The  modern  look veers away from the traditional woods and brown color codes that are often integrated into the standard suite. Many individuals enjoy the style and flare that is associated with the new, upbeat look of the furniture that can be worked in to the  modern  bedroom. These furniture pieces offer more room for creativity and personal expression than standard bedroom furniture does.

If you are looking to  design  the perfect  modern  master bedroom, it is important to have a basic appreciation for exquisite architecture and artistic expressions. If you are all for adding a current, artistic flare to the traditional bedroom, you are ready to bring in the  modern  tone of luxury to the area where you relax and unwind. This new style allows an individual to create a spectacular museum of comfort that can allow them to achieve the rest and relaxation that they need and desire.

The first method to creating the  modern  bedroom is to carefully select the paint that you will use on the walls. It is important to go with natural and neutral tones. Many may elect to use special painting techniques, like those that make the wall seem as if it is “cracked” in an artistic fashion. This may actually seem unappealing, but once it is completed, it gives a unique and futuristic appeal to the walls in the master bedroom. It provides a form of texture and depth that is not likely to be found in the traditional bedroom.

When selecting bedroom furniture, it is important to select types that have contrasting colors, such as blacks and whites. You should also consider furniture pieces that have unique shapes and contours. Examples would be triangle shaped dressers and mirrors. Naturally, you can choose from many shapes and patterns when it comes to the  modern  bedroom. If you really want to set off the appearance of the  modern  room for sleeping, you should purchase a headboard that reflects the shape of the furniture that you choose.

The next area that you want to pay close attention to is the window area. The windows are an important component of them. If you want an upbeat look for this room, there are a number of different types of blinds that you can purchase. You can purchase artistic blinds that display beach scenes, nature scenes, flowers, religious scenes, wildlife, various art prints, and more! Any type of blind that can set off the artistic and geometric design of your bedroom is sure to be a big hit!

If you are looking to create and design the perfect master bedroom, the tips and tricks listed above are sure to put you on your way. These are the most important features of the traditional bedroom and should also be the most important features in the more  modern  bedrooms. Remember, in order to be completely satisfied with your bedroom, you must display some of your personality into it.


Benefits of Owning Modern Office Chairs


Office seating is the most important piece of furniture in any business. This is where our guests sit while waiting to be seen, where our employees sit while working throughout the day, where our clients sit for a crucial meeting, and where we sit for hours on end. For most of us, our office is our second home and the place where we spend the majority of our day. Just as people go to great lengths to make their houses presentable with visually pleasing furniture, the office should not be any different and perhaps even more important as you most likely receive more guests to your business than your home. A quick and easy remedy to ensure your office is just as presentable as your house is to purchase modern office chairs, making your office a contemporary and memorable place to visit.

While making the switch to modern furniture may seem questionable for your business, consider that with time comes change and modern furniture is paving the way for the future of interior design in businesses all across the world. Not only is modern furniture trendy it is also sleek, clean, and simple, a far stretch from old traditional office furniture. Traditional furniture also tends to make offices look older, less inviting, and dull whereas modern furniture can make an office seem more fun, lively, and welcoming.

Modern chair design has evolved to consume less space, making your office appear much simpler while allowing for more free space. Quality chair construction is a primary concern for purchasers but should not be a worry when considering modern furniture. The materials used to manufacture modern office chairs are durable consisting of mostly steel, glass, and wood components and have a lightweight design compared to traditional office chairs. Along with superior construction you are also given the freedom of creativity with most modern office chairs having the ability to mix and match colors/fabrics and choose from an eclectic mix of chair designs.

Most purchasing managers want consistency in their office furniture which is actually a benefit to choosing modern furniture. With traditional furniture, this can sometimes become a problem when you purchase a mahogany wood desk yet can not seem to find a mahogany wood chair to match the exact hue. With modern office chairs, most manufacturers take uniformity into consideration and produce matching sets of furniture to meet all seating needs. Modern conference chairs, guest/reception chairs, and office task chairs are all built with the same chair design only difference being the chair’s base and functionality depending on which seating application the chair will be used in. This takes a lot of time and pressure off the individual in charge of purchasing as they can essentially outfit their whole office with matching chairs suitable for all seating applications.

When bringing in clients, interviewing prospective employees, entertaining customers, and housing your own employees it is of the utmost importance to project a positive impression of your business. Creative office decor can not only leave a favorable but lasting impression on all who enter your workspace and can even be encouraging and uplifting for your current employees that spend much of their time in the office. For clients and customers that have the option to choose between different competitors, having a sleek and clean workplace may be the one extra competitive advantage that wins over their business.


Green For Everyone, Not Just the Modern Folks


Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years- you know what “Green” is (its been elevated out of mere colorhood). Green is literally everywhere. Its in magazines and commercials. Its slathered on every imaginable household product. Its the topic of conversation and news sources from here to high heaven (Mea culpa, by the way). Its the pet subject of the Architecture and Design field. Green is what you should be. Its what you should be buying. Its what you should be doing.

I think that Sustainability and Green platforms are very valid. However, with so much media saturation and “green washing”, it can be really hard for the average person to navigate this new world of green and white, (rather than shades of gray, we now have shades of mint green and sea foam). What most people don’t know, is that there are a lot of bona fide ways to institute green practices and purchases when building, designing and living in a house.

Here are ways that everyone can be green. These considerations are things that anyone can integrate into a construction or design project, regardless of style preferences, (its not just for the modern folks!).

-Buy Quality Products.When you purchase something of great quality, you increase the longevity of that item. When you purchase an item that will become dated or wear out in a few short years, you increase waste by throwing out the old and you increase consumption by buying new again. Buying for the long term is earth friendly. In the long run, you also end up spend less on great quality because you don’t have to replace it time and time again. Consider purchasing the best quality seating, carpet/rugs, and case goods your budget allows for.

-Use quality materials with longevity. When you are selecting surface materials, think longevity and quality. Use materials that are durable and will stand the test of time. Consider materials that won’t look dated in the future. Not everything needs to be made from recycled materials to be considered green (in fact, a lot of the hottest “green” materials of today will look dated in the not too distant future). Using and properly maintaining natural stone for counter tops and flooring is, indeed, a green practice.

-Use Green building materials and systems.This is attainable when involved with new construction and additions. When you start a project, tell the architect or designer that you care about the siting and natural heating and cooling of your home. Also ask them to specify green materials (such as formaldehyde free plywood, recycled insulation materials, etc.) and green systems (HVAC vent placement, lighting, window planning, solar panels, etc.) . Green design features that are laid out in planning and green materials that are utilized during construction can be applied to ANY home style. Green building materials are also better for your health (one very important component to the Green movement).

-Buy a built home. When you can, strive to buy an already built home. It is estimated that for every new home, 2.5 tons of construction waste and materials are used. If you buy an already built home, you reduce waste and evade using new resources.This option is not always desirable, but its worth heavy consideration when you are planning on buying a home.

-Buy antique and vintage furnishings.This goes hand in hand with buying an already built structure. By buying vintage and antique furnishings, you prevent using new resources and also prevent the waste  associated with producing new furniture. Become familiar with local antique shops, tell them what you are looking for. If you are intimidated, hire a designer to walk you through the ins and outs of buying antiques. Its nothing to be afraid of! (Warning- it can become addicting!). Even people with modern tastes can think about integrating Bauhaus, Mid Century Modern, Art Deco or Post Modern vintage finds.

-Refrain from buying products that use endangered resources. Look for products that use reclaimed wood or other reclaimed materials. Avoid products that use endangered or rare species of wood, stone or metal. The general definition of Sustainable is: “providing for present needs without detracting from tomorrow”. Use products that source not only from sustainable materials, but sustainable forests as well (contrary to popular thought, not everything has to be bamboo!).

-Use low or no Volatile Organic Omissions (VOC) paint. Everyone uses paint. May as well use the healthiest option. Check out Benjamin Moore’s line of green paint called Aura.

-Use natural cleaning products. Stop buying household brand cleaning products and laundry detergent. They contain lots of chemicals and fragrance that are slowly degrading your health. Use basic cleaning methods and natural, fragrance-free products. Just because a product has a little green “seal” or earth-friendly looking logo does not mean its truly green. Start reading ingredients and do some homework when in doubt. 


Decorating Your Modern Home


 Modern  homes may seem fit for the wealthy, but they’re not as expensive as they look. in fact,  modern   design  is a great choice for those looking to design their homes on a budget. The focus of  modern   design  isn’t just to look good-it’s also making the home more functional and practical. With a few simple tricks, you can give your home a  modern  twist without doing a full-scale remodel. This guide shows you how.

Multifunctional items

Many  modern  items are  designed  to do double duty. You’ve got chairs that fold out into recliners, storage under tables and couches, and bookcases incorporated into reading chairs. It’s a unique way to save space and make your home more interesting. Not sure what to get? Start with a unique piece of furniture and build your theme from there.

Area rugs

A common problem with  modern  homes is that they tend to look cold and uninviting. Area rugs are a great way to reverse that while adding color and texture to your home.  Modern  area rugs come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that fits in. Some of the most popular are geometric and animal prints, round rugs, and braided area rugs.

Natural materials

These days, the trend is to go back to nature and use all-natural materials for your home. Instead of tile or marble flooring, go for hardwood, cork, or bamboo. Some are more expensive at first, but because they’re very durable, they’ll actually save you money in the long run. The same goes for furniture, wall treatments, and home accessories. Just invest in a good urethane coat and they can last years of everyday use.

Outdoor elements

Much of  modern   design  is inspired by Asian décor, which blurs the line between the outdoors and the indoors. To do this, bring some of the outdoor elements into your home. Open up a large window to get a view of your garden. This also brightens up the room and allows you to cut back on indoor lighting. If you don’t have large windows, just place a large indoor plant by a corner, or use log furniture and wooden slab tables as your focal point.


How To Get The Best House Plans Done By Architects


Architects are professionals who will help you draw up the best and most suited house plans for your building projects. Typically, they propose solutions that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, at the same time complementing the rest of the décor to create a natural design flow. These professionals also help trim costs through selections of the best materials for construction. By using their help, you will actually be saving lots of time that you would have otherwise used to try to make the same decisions yourself.

However, to make sure you have the best house plan, you need to work with an architect who knows his job well in addition to making a few other crucial decisions. We discussed the same below.

Choose a Reputable Architect:

You must work with a reputable architect. They are trained in the profession and hence, are in a better position to deliver good results with any project. The reputation can easily be determined by reviews and feedback given on previously completed projects.

Look At Their Expertise:

The level of expertise will impact the results that you can achieve from your architect. An expert is not only familiar with the   house  planning and  designing  process, but is also well versed in the latest technologies and  modern   designs  that will fetch you amazing results. A good architect will actually offer you great insight and advice on the existing house plan that you have to create a better plan. By organizing meetings, you will be in a position to tell how suitable your architect is in chalking out residential building plans that you have in mind for your construction.

Check On Credibility:

You will definitely stand a chance to enjoy amazing house plans with a credible architecture firm. You can look at individual qualifications of the. The legality of the firm can also go to tell you how credible it is in offering you the best services. There are lots of firms and independent architects out there and by considering the options you will find it easy to make a good decision for the house plan project.

Consider The Construction Budget:

Creating a budget plan for the plan is one of the most important things that you must do. Your architect should be in a position to help you come up with a reasonable budget for the project. This can easily be done through a selection of the right and the best building materials and of course, a  house  plan and  design  that will match your financial capabilities. Best house plans are those that you can comfortably afford and enjoy at the end of the day.

Communicate your Needs and Expectations:

Every homeowner has a few personal plans for his or her home. The main intention of using an architect is to help turn those dreams into reality. Hence, it is important to communicate your needs and expectations to the architect so that he can incorporate it in the best manner possible.

Take Advice:

Often, it happens that you have some plans in your mind, but they are not possible because they are not practical. A good architect will bring this to your notice and suggest suitable replacements for the same. Take the advice for the architect working with you knows what will be the best.

Thus, by choosing a skilled architect, working in collaboration with an architect and by making your expectations clear from the start, you can come up with the best house plans.


Modern Kitchen and Stainless Steel Sinks


In a house, every room has a role to do for the family to live better. The kitchen has many functions, thus you should make use of it the right way. To do this, it would also be necessary that you have the right kind of fixtures used in the kitchen so that you can move around easily and use the right utilities.

To improve the design of your home, you should also make sure that home is clean and well maintained. Also, you can start with a theme to follow and make sure that you have the right materials for your kitchen. Added to this, it would also be necessary that you have quality furniture that can be used.

Today, the designs of modern houses are more desired than the traditional ones. Also, the kitchen can have a modern look and this would often depend on the kind of furniture that you use. One option is to use stainless steel sinks since they are good manifesting the modern look of the kitchen.

The stainless steel sinks are more preferred than many people as they can be readily available in different shops and even in online stores. Also, it can balance your needs for a quality in design and functional furniture. This is because with its stainless steel material, you can keep it clean without too much effort. Cleaning it would not be too difficult with this kind of material and it does not take too long to bleach it.

As mentioned, you will be able to get the kind of design that you like as there are already many people who make the furniture. You can choose among a wide variation and buy the kind that is most appealing for you. You should consider the quality of the material in buying your stainless steel sinks and you can choose the color, design, and size that fits your modern home. Although there are other kinds of materials that can be used, having stainless steel sinks can still be more suitable as there are many benefits that can be lifted through its use.

Since there are many people who manufacture stainless steel sink and there is also a high demand for it, you have to make enough time allowance so that you will get the sink design that you prefer. You can also adjust your purchase depending on your budget and other things that are necessary for you. You have to pick among these options through weighing your options, resources and your needs. This will be your way of getting the right kind of furniture without sacrificing your budget or the quality of the material that you will buy. You can also consider the online option of buying if this is better for your situation.


Modern Kitchen Designs Vs Bespoke


Things have moved on in the world of bespoke. Modern kitchen designs. with dark wood in a Country-style with intricate mouldings have been replaced, the changes have been fairly revolutionary.

Simple clean lines are the coveted result. Colours are now brighter and crisper. They use several materials including the old stalwart, solid wood. The options open to you have no ceiling.

Most designers specialise in a particular style, so avoid companies renowned for there rustic ranges if you are seeking modern kitchen designs. Creating the ultimate kitchen is possible with a good bespoke designer.

Not as cheap as other kitchens because of there uniqueness. Variable costing makes it easier to find the right price for your new kitchen. Before you start your search make sure you have a budget in mind.

Funny shaped rooms are a concern if you have gone for a fitted kitchen, although bespoke obviously will take longer to manufacture. The reality of cost on bespoke pales when you see the finished product.

With no accessories in a minimalist kitchen the colours take on more importance. Primary colours can now make any kitchen stand out. But if you yearn for a professional look, brushed stainless steel or aluminum is a good choice.

Laminates and even good old M D F (or should I say young) can look good with the advances in the use of adhesion verses durability. A small kitchen would be lighter when lacquers are applied because they reflect the light better than ever.

Solid wood is also good in the modernistic bespoke kitchen. The lighter woods such as birch and maple function very well but so do dark woods.

Glass is important in modern kitchen designs Work surfaces, glass doors with internal lighting brighten the whole kitchen area and add to the modern feel particularly in smaller kitchens.

People sometimes say that modern kitchen designs are not as good as their traditional predecessors, but this is not the case. Modern materials like veneers or composites are tested to very high standards and recognised by all good designers.

Great news for those who enjoy the nostalgia for traditional craftsmanship but who want modern kitchen designs, is that bespoke is probably the best option.

Some companies still use traditional building methods like dovetail, mortise and tenon joints and work with solid wood. The clean, lines that make modern kitchen designs spotlight both craftsmanship and materials can still be found.

Surfing the net will bring up great ideas and perfect companies who can do what you ask. So maybe you can have that dream bespoke kitchen without the hefty price tag.