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Build Your Family a Real Castle to Live In


Castles have always been historically attributed to the monarchy that ruled a specific region. They were from their inception an expression of wealth and power. In current times they are not automatically associated with monarchs but still do maintain a similar type of admiration. In fact, people the world over still treasure the beauty and stateliness that accompany a well built castle. If you would like to build your own castle there are a few things you will need to do to make this dream a reality.

Required Tools and Materials


Heavy machinery


Stone cutters






1) Before you can commence you will need to acquire the required paper work. To do this you will need to get in touch with your local government or state building agency to find out what the exact requirements are. These will normally vary by state. Typically you will be expected to meet safety standards, get environmental clearances and so on. Do not begin building your castle until you have obtained the essential documentation and permits. Beginning without proper clearance may lead to fines and certain penalties, which could include the demolition of the newly erected structure.

2) You will need to determine how much you will be spending on the castle. This amount will best be calculated by the professionals including the engineer and contractors. Essentially you will receive a breakdown of the amount of material you will need to complete the structure. You should always make allowances for additional material. It is not atypical for the pre-determined amount to go above expectation.

3) You should choose a site that has a fairly enormous acreage of land and good vegetation. The best place for a castle is therefore the countryside. The more attractive the area the more appealing the castle. This basically means the castle will seem even more inviting and prominent amidst bountiful fields and meadows. However, you should still choose a location that is near enough to modern day conveniences.

4 )You will need to make a moat. No castle could be complete without this defining feature. Once you have dug the moat combine the cement, gravel and sand to form concrete and place around the edges to keep its finished structure in place. You can add fish and stones to your moat to make it more visually stunning.

5) You can start to build your castle by making a solid foundation. A large cement mixer can be used to lay down the concrete at the base of the structure. If you would like a courtyard place a bit of dirt in an appropriate section, preferably in the middle of the foundation.

6) Based on the blueprints, the stones can be arranged using mortar or cement to secure them. The stones you choose should be very large and uneven. Once the stone walls are completed you can erect the doors, guard towers, windows and so on. Your castle should now be complete.

Tips and Warnings

1) Look at castle designs from many different locations. You can incorporate certain features and create a look that involves many stylistic features. There are older modeled castles that used only holes for doors and windows, however if you would like the additional privacy that windows will provide then indicate this in your plan.

2) You should figure out where you will install the water and electrical conveniences before hand. Once the castle is built the wiring can be installed. Be sure to check that the wiring is working properly before you start using the electricity in the castle. It is best that you use a professional to perform the installation of all electrical wires.

3) Get the highest quality materials available to increase the lifespan of your castle. Employ the best people to help you construct your dream home as this will save you money in the long run.