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Data Conversion Services – Choosing Data Conversion Services for Business


In modern times, complex applications need multiple systems working in conjunction with multiple databases. Success of such applications depend on the inter operability of the data. To enable communication between different applications and databases, data needs to be converted frequently to make it compatible. This process of making data compatible is known as Data conversion. It includes conversion of documents, xml files, sgml, html, pdf files, cad designs, catalogs and books.

Following are few services that are covered under data conversion:

• Book Conversion: various books, scripts, journals, brochures, magazines, and research papers are converted into digital format.

• Catalog Conversion: manual catalogs are converted into digital format

• Document Conversion: various documents in word, excel, PDF, WordPerfect, MSG, PST, RTF are converted to any desired format.

• HTML/XML Conversion: various documents in word, excel, text documents, paper documents etc are converted into HTML and XML formats.

• PDF Conversion: Adobe PDF conversion incorporates numerous functions like conversion of texts into photographic slides, engineering credentials, micro graphics and electronic files/papers.

It is a non-core activity for any business, so business managers tend to outsource these so as to concentrate only on their core service of operation. Over the years service providers have developed the required skills and computer programs that enable data conversion to be achieved quickly and with fewer resources. Hence these service providers offer a price that proves to be cheaper against the option of getting the work done in house.

Benefits From Outsourcing Conversion Services:

• Avoids paper work

• Cuts down operating expenses

• Promotes business as effectively as possible

• Eliminates data redundancy

• Easy accessibility of data at any time