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Design Benefits of Modern Conservatories


Back in the 80s and 90s, a boom in house prices saw lots of conservatories being tacked onto the back of suburban houses. Sadly, many of them weren’t built to a great standard and those that haven’t been pulled down are in a sorry state of repair today.

These days, we’ve moved on. The  design  benefits of  modern  conservatories are legion. They come with all kinds of  modern  conveniences and fancy technology that ensures they can be used all year round and will stand the test of time.

For starters, today’s conservatories usually feature low-maintenance PVCu frames. They’re double-glazed, too, so that your home stays warm in winter and cooler in the summer months.

Today’s models also tend to use computer-designed roofing systems with toughened safety glass to withstand the extremes of weather we get these days.

One of the biggest steps forward in terms of the  design  benefits of  modern  conservatories is energy-efficient glass. Back in the day, conservatory owners used to complain that their conservatory was a greenhouse in summer and an igloo in winter.

No longer.  Modern  glazing systems help conserve energy and keep you warm, whatever the weather. Energy-efficient (low-e) glass has a metallic coat that reflects heat and appears slightly grey or brown. Energy from the sun is allowed to pass into the conservatory from outside, while the coating reduces heat lost from the inside.

This is a very effective system, but it gets even better when you add triple-glazed glass. The other great thing about energy-efficient glass is that it cuts down on the glare you get in summer and increases the amount of light available in dull weather.

Another  design  benefit of  modern  conservatories is solar glazing on your roof. Again, this sort of glass reduces excess summer heat and keeps warmth in during winter.

It’s all down to special treatment to the glass. On the outside pane is material that deflects the sun’s rays from the conservatory. On the inside, treatment reduces heat radiation and loss. With solar control, glass roofs absorb heat and reflect it back into your conservatory. You’ll be nice and warm all year round.

Roofs are important, and another  modern   design  feature is polycarbonate. This  modern  material stops about 80% of the circulating solar energy from entering your conservatory, which creates a nice temperature. These polycarbonate roofs also reduce glare by almost 90%.

As you can see, the days of leaky old conservatories are as distant a memory as Wham! singles and mullet hair-dos. Thank goodness.