Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles for 2016


The fact that so much time is spent in this space is why it has become so important to home owners and buyers worldwide. With a great kitchen, a home is more marketable. A huge part of a kitchen’s overall feel is the kitchen cabinets type. Explore the latest and most sought-after styles before building or remodeling.


As one of the latest and most popular trends, using slab-style, wood veneer cabinets is one that shouldn’t be missed. These kitchen cabinets easily add warmth and depth to any kitchen that wants a modern feel. This style began in Europe and has been a hit in the United States since around 2014. The building trend to products that are natural and bring a feel of nature inside is one reason that veneer kitchen cabinets are preferred by so many. The wood grains are shown in a beautiful way, and patterns are adored by nature-lovers.

As long as a reputable dealer is utilized, buyers will get great veneer kitchen cabinets. Some are built poorly and laminate will chip and peel over time. No one wants to have to replace them too soon, so be aware of who is being dealt with.


Searching for kitchen cabinets that are modern and sleek? Much like their appliance counterparts, stainless steel kitchen cabinets are perfect for any type of décor from modern to traditional. Homeowners may be surprised at how a contemporary piece fits in with their existing style.

For a space that’s stylish, high-end and eye-catching one can’t go wrong with stainless. Of course, the downside is the inevitable fingerprints to be wiped off daily, and true stainless steel is prone to scratches. However, there are new stainless materials that are made to be prone to these downfalls, so by doing some research one may find the perfect choice with the look they crave.

They are environmentally friendly, sanitary, simple to clean and highly durable. They can also be pricey so it’s advised to check into manufactured options that have a steel layer over the top if the budget it tight for kitchen cabinets.


Lacquered kitchen cabinets feature several layers of shiny, stunning lacquer in many rich colors. They are finished off with a polish and wax and are very scratch-resistant and durable when made well. The only downfall to this choice is that the cabinets can chip. So in homes with small children these kitchen cabinets may not work out well.

However, for anyone willing to take the risk they’ll enjoy a highly modern-looking kitchen. The color options are endless as well, so whatever they are dreaming of they can have it! As far as cleaning, there are several products on the market, and it’s recommended that the homeowner choose one that’s preferred by the manufacturer. This is because even though some say they are okay for all lacquered surfaces they will still harm the finish of the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets with Floating Shelves

For a truly modern design with super clean lines, consider floating shelves. What this entails is having the outer “shell” of the cabinet removed and simply having shelves.

Floating shelves will easily add straight lines that look stunning with any other décor in the contemporary realm. Many homeowners love this on the upper part of the kitchen, and then pair them with enclosed kitchen cabinets on the lower part. Not every pair of tongs and dish should be displayed so this gives them a place to hide those things.

Choose a stunning backslash with wood floating shelves, such as ceramic tiles or glass. For anyone who is extremely organized and willing to tackle a regular cleaning, floating shelves are perfect. If it’s difficult to stay in order, this may not be the best option.

These are just a few of the newest options for a modern kitchen as far as cabinetry. Visiting a local showroom will help anyone decide what they love best.


Finding Bathroom Decor Ideas


Bathroom can become one of the trickiest areas of your home to decorate. The good thing is that there are so many bath decor magazines which full of bathroom decor pictures and ideas for you to draw influence from. At this time, this article is going to deliver some information that will guide you in finding bathroom decor ideas. So, just take a look at the following information below.

The first thing that you should do is to determine about the style you are looking for. For your consideration, you can take a look at a country bath decor theme or the nautical bath decor theme. Actually, a good way to look at different ideas is to pick up a few Bath Decor magazines from the local book store. One of the most favorite magazines that you can take a look is Bathroom Trends. It will help you to find the idea to choose decor for your bathroom.

The second thing is to visit a few bath decor show rooms. These places commonly have full bathroom sets that built in many different styles and fashions. You will find some great ideas of bath decorating or maybe a complete bathroom design that you like. Most of the time, many people like to mix a variety of bathroom remodeling design ideas together in order to form their ideal bathroom.

The third thing is to go back to your bathroom at home and then try to picture the bathroom space decorated as you imagined. You should know that what looks good in other people’s bathroom does not end up looking good in the space that you have to work with. The size can play an important role as well as sunlight. Therefore, you have to make sure that the bath decor style you have chosen will blend well with the space available in your bathroom.

The fourth thing is to consult with a professional interior designer. If you have enough budgets, a professional bath decor expert can be well worth it. He can often bring many new ideas to the table which you might have never thought of. The interior decorators also may also have a large collection of the bathroom photos and the color samples for you to look at. The experience of interior decorators that working with wholesales can also make it easier to obtain the materials that you need to complete your project.


Top 5 Brilliant Landscaping Ideas


Traditionally, you have you house, a small lawn by the street; that’s the picture most people depict of a home. But what people are realizing now is that they can make their house visually appealing in a far greater way. It doesn’t always have to a bland stereotypical design; you have several options in hand. Landscaping for instance, is an excellent way to escalate the aesthetic appeal of your house without spending a huge amount of money.

So what is landscaping?

Landscaping can be defined in several ways. In simple terms, you can also refer to a gardening whereby you can grow plants and vegetable with the aim of creating a soothing environment within a certain landscape. But it doesn’t end there. This process also includes change of terrain and construction of new infrastructure. It’s also not a modern concept as it’s been going on since the time of early Mayans.

Here are a few ideas which you can use to really elevate the look of your house

  • Plant lots of flowers at the front: If you want your guests to enter your house with a pleasant feeling, you might want to try growing some flowers right at the entrance. Also, if possible low fence your house. This will give you ample space for placing your flower pots
  • Decorate the driveway: If you have a long driveway that looks a bit out of sorts, you can cover them up with bushes. Don’t plant bushes of the same color and type. You should always use a variety of colors along with plants of medium sizes. This will act as a nice decoration in your driveway.
  • Use lilies: Whether its spring, summer or fall; lilies can grow in any climate which is why you should always use them in your gardens. Due to its fragrant smell, your house will always have that soothing aroma in the air.
  • Hide unnecessary places: If you have a garage or a tool shed which you don’t want others to take notice of due to its bland design, use it to display an exotic collection of plants. Use lighting to make it more attractive.
  • Cut the grass evenly: If you have a land adjacent to your house that has a lot of grass in it, get the mower and start chopping it down immediately until the grass length is even. This will give a carpet type feeling over the grass.

So these are a few suggestions which you can use to make your house worth noticing. Feel free to use your creative mind and churn out a few ideas of your own.


A Look at Hinge Options for Plantation Shutters


Faux wood shutters, as well as those made of real wood, can be used on most windows and doorways, including those in an arch shape. They also make excellent closet doors and room dividers. Well-made faux plantation shutters in particular can last for the life of the house and increase the home’s resale value. Plantation shutters require different types of hinge and track systems depending on their size and how they are used. We will take a look at three of the most common.

Standard (Butt) Hinge System

The standard butt hinge system can be used on interior shutters for most windows (those with openings from six inches to 120 inches high). It allows the shutters to open and/or fold out from one side. The hinge pin can be removed from the mount for cleaning or refinishing.

Bi-fold Track System

This system is used for plantation shutters that serve as closet doors where two panels are hinged together and fold up adjacent to one another, and when they serve as sliding glass door coverings. A bi-fold track system is also a good option for interior shutters on windows if they are too large for the standard hinge system. It fits window and door openings from 24 inches to 192 inches wide and 20 inches to 120 inches high. A bi-fold track system allows the shutters to slide and fold open.

Bypass Track System

This system works best with plantation shutters that are used as a room divider or as a closet door where the shutter panels slide from left and right. The bypass track system will also fit window and door openings from 24 inches to 192 inches wide and 20 inches to 120 inches high.

Hinge Colors

Hinges are generally available in shades of white and neutral colors to match the colors of most faux shutters. They are also available in brass, bronze, and stainless steel.

Plantation shutter manufacturers provide the hinge or track system with their shutters. It is best to have your shutters installed by a professional to ensure that it is done correctly. Quality plantation shutters are a big investment. You want them to be installed properly. This is not a do-it-yourself project that most people can or should take on. Nonetheless, it is still good to know what kind of hinge or track system your shutters use in case a part ever needs to be replaced. If cared for properly, however, well-made plantation shutters, particularly faux plantation shutters, will not require any replacement of parts.


How to Choose Bathroom Furniture


Often in the designing and décor of the home, the bathroom is overlooked. However this place is where you can appoint the most luxurious and aesthetic fittings and make a style statement of your own. Apart from the accessories and the necessities like commode, bathtub etc. the bathroom furniture also plays an important role in look and feel of your bathroom. You have to be very careful while choosing furniture for your bathroom. This is because nothing can mar the look of a beautifully appointed bathroom like mismatched pieces of furniture.

Furniture according to the bathroom decor:

Furniture in the bathroom is of many different forms and for different purposes. It can be anything from practical cabinets and storage units to the more decorative and stylized mirrors, vanity units and washstands. Whatever furniture you are opting for, your main consideration should be whether or not it complements the rest of the décor of your bathroom. It makes more sense to look for bathroom furniture that matches your bathroom rather than choosing furniture and then designing your bathroom according to the furniture. This will not only be unwise it will also dig a bigger hole in your pocket.

Theme furniture for the bathroom:

IT is quite obvious that the décor of your bathroom should complement the décor of the rest of the house. For instance, if you have a modern minimalistic design theme for your home, then you should opt for the same for your bathroom. If on the other hand you have a French colonial look to the house then your bathroom should also reflect the theme in its color schemes and accessories. At the same time the bathroom furniture should complement this theme. It will be a good idea to have carved wooden cabinets in a French colonial style bathroom. On the other hand you can opt for sleek and stylish steel cabinets for a minimalistic modern looking bathroom.

Different styles of bathroom furniture:

The furniture in a minimalistic bathroom should be of a light color palette, because minimalistic décor usually goes with softer shades like pastels, ivory, grey and whites. The idea behind minimalism is to create a subdued feeling in the room and the bathroom furniture should also be subdued and soft. White gloss furniture will be ideal for a minimalistic bathroom.

In this way with a little bit of thoughtfulness, you can choose the right kind of bathroom furniture to create a bathroom that reflects your personality and artful taste.


Wreath Storage Solution For Modern Homes


A wreath storage solution is important after every Christmas holiday. As it is, every Christmas decoration, such as a wreath, is supposed to have a storage place assigned to it so it can be re-used for the next holiday season. A Christmas tree usually has its own box that homeowners can use for storage, but wreaths do not usually have one. To make storing and using Christmas decor trouble-free, people must ready storage solutions at hand.

The wreath is rather common these days, as opposed to the view of most people that it is almost extinct now that it is in competition with other Christmas decor, such as dancing lights and other movable and automatic decorations popular these days. Most people today do not know the history of the common wreath, but for people who are well-versed in the history of the Romans or the Greeks, a wreath holds a message that resounds in history. They are an important icon of history; a wreath is a symbol of victory. That is why during the early Olympics, the wreath was placed atop the head of the victor.

That is why knowledgeable people will proudly decorate their houses with a wreath because of their meaning in history. These people use a wreath storage solution to protect the wreath from accumulating dust or mites through the months of storage. The proper storage solution for wreaths is non-restrictive because the leaves of a wreath may broke or sag from the pressing material of the storage bag.

The wreaths of today are sturdier because they are commonly made-up of plastic leaves. Rotting or pests are now out of the question. Still, homeowners must be careful not to press the leaves too hard because Wreaths can easily be disfigured from pressure. Dust accumulation is also very hard to clean-up because of the deep recesses in the wreath. Because of this, the wreath storage solution must be of the sealed-type.


Mens Wedding Bands For Everybody


The fashion industry has understood that one design doesn’t suit everyone and also that not everybody likes a single design. So now a wide variety of patterns in mens wedding rings is available. Not only do they look cool they are also lighter on the wallet when compared to the traditional gold rings. It is all about the sentiment so you don’t always have to buy a gold wedding band. Try other metals and maybe even ceramic bands once in a while. They are very affordable so you don’t have to worry about them being heavy on your wallet.

What can you choose from?

Apart from the usual gold and silver rings, you can choose from a wide variety of designs in tungsten, zirconium, titanium and even stainless steel. You will find the designs very interesting while maintaining the sober nature of a wedding ring. Zirconium is almost black and is an elegant metal that suits everybody. Mens wedding rings in stainless steel are the cheapest in the market but don’t look cheap at all. They pass for a normal wedding ring and have the same luster. The stainless steel bands are also available in black.

Modern designs in mens wedding bands

Some of the modern designs include the celtic knot engraved on the outside of the ring, braid on the ring, etc. Some are very lightly carved to change the plain nature of the wedding band. While almost all old wedding rings are plain and domed, you will find ribbed, striped, spiral and other patterns in the new designs in the market. As mens wedding bands have been ignored for a long time, we see a surprising rate of purchases lately. You no longer have to put up with a boring ring when you can sport a stylish yet meaningful piece of jewelry.

Affordable rates

While the designs seem interesting and expensive, these rings in fact don’t cost much. They come in various different ranges and are almost always cheaper online. The offers online make it more attractive to buyers and you will get the ring in a gift box with free shipping. Silver and gold are the higher end rings while all the other metals cost much less. As the prices are low, you can afford to have more than one mens wedding bands and keep switching them as you please.

Don’t hold your creativity back

What you wear shows the world who you are. Make sure you show them who you are and wear the mens wedding band that you like. Engraving adds a lot of value to any jewelry, especially a wedding ring. Carving is also done in some places and you can look them up if you like the idea. You can have one expensive wedding band to wear on special occasions and a few other less expensive ones for daily use. Internet will help you find the right one and deliver everything right to your house. Make sure you get the sizes right.


Display Your Photos in a Square Picture Frame


Thinking of getting an inexpensive square picture frame for your favorite picture? Square in shape does not mean it is square; in fact these square shaped picture frames are fast making their way for a come back. It is no wonder these frames are getting more popular. I believe if you are someone into home deco and looking for something of great styles with many different designs, you cannot afford to miss out on these square frames.

If you are still skeptical about the trendiness of the square picture frame, maybe you should take a look into why they are popular and can add on marvelously to your home décor.

It is Square in Shape

Normally when we talk about pictures, our first thought would be the traditional rectangular types. A square picture or photo is something more and it would definitely give the viewers a sense of artistic. Yes, it becomes an art piece to be admired.


Unlike rectangular, round and other odd shaped frames, square shaped frames are really versatile in the sense that most pictures can be fitted in very easily. It can fit both a vertical and a horizontal photo without problem. All you have to do is to do a little cutting to take away some parts of the boarder to fit it perfectly into the frame.

Unlimited Styles

Apart from the square shape, these frames can come in countless designs, colors and materials that made them. You can have classic style, rustic style, contemporary style, to name but a few. You can choose those that are made from metals, wood, plastics and other materials. You can choose any colors to match your room décor or color of your wall. It will be difficult not to find the ones that fit your needs.

Versatile Usage

Besides displaying your photo, you can also display your favorite album as it can just fit perfectly. Displaying the oldies album can actually bring a sense of 60s and 70s into your home, but of course provided you like such a theme. In addition, you can display birthday cards, Christmas cards or Valentine’s Day cards sent by someone whom you love. Seeing those cards just give a sweet reminders of those you love very much.

I am sure you are quite convinced that a square picture frame can really make a great difference to your home décor. There are many ways you can get these frames and the best way is none other than searching for them online. Not only is it easy and efficient, you can really get great deals from the comfort of your own home. Personally, I think these square shaped frames are stylish and would not be out of trend.


Leather Sofas That Spell Out Comfort and Style


The sitting room in your house or the waiting room in your office is probably its most important component. It not only makes your house/office seem inviting to your guests/clients but also makes an impression on them. Your sitting room says as much about your house as your office does about your company. So you want to make your sitting rooms as appealing as possible; that requires special care and planning. But having an elegant Black Leather Sofa takes care of most of your design issues because not only are they comfortable but spell out classy in bold.  modern , minimalistic  designs  at the same time goes well with a traditionally styled  house . No wonder Black Leather Sofas are much in vogue today and selling like hot cakes all over the world.

If your budget permits, you can throw in Leather Suite and complete the look of your office or drawing room at home.

It’s a myth that buying a good quality Black Leather Sofa is a highly expensive affair; far from it. Given the demand for them in the market and strong competition amongst sofa makers, you can get them in different ranges affordable to your pocket. What’s more, they are easy to source and can be custom made according to your tastes.

How to choose your own perfect Black Leather Sofa:

Remember the constraints of space and budgets before buying your sofa.

You can choose from a variety of styles; like regular leather sofas, corner suites, recliners etc. You can avail of good deals if you go in for suites.

A good quality leather sofa will last you a long time, so do not only think about costs and compromise on the quality.

You don’t have to go to stores often in far flung corners of your town. In fact buying it online has its advantages. There are many retailers who have done away with their overhead costs of managing a store by selling online. These extra overhead costs incurred are shared between buyers in the form of discounted rates.

You can choose from a wide selection online and order the one for you. Some online providers also have a three day trial period scheme, where you can be sure that your online choice matches your real tastes.

You don’t have to go to the store and carry heavy sofas back with you. You are saved the inconvenience as they will be delivered to your home for a nominal fee in double quick time.

You will often receive a long term warranty on your purchase, which assures you of the quality.

Most of them are tastefully done and go with most color schemes in houses. But you can also have one specially made for you.

Owning your Black Leather Sofa rightly is a matter of pride for those who swear by quality, style and elegance.


5 Tips to Buy the Right Quilt Cover Sets


Quilt covers protect the quilt in addition to beautify the bedroom. Although most quilts come in just white color, you can get creative and add a lot of colors. For instance, if you want to decorate your beds, you can get quilt cover sets with a variety of designs and colors. Here are a few tips that can help you buy quality quilt cover sets with ease.

Tip 1: Size

The size will be based on the size of the quilt and the bed. As a buyer, it’s important that you know the size of your bed prior to buying a cover set. For this, we recommend that you measure your bed size before leaving for the market.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Design

Quilt cover sets come in many designs. Based on the designs, price of the sets may vary significantly. Although the majority of covers feature a single piece of fabric design, you can find many covers with a lot of fabric pieces patched together. And the multi-fabric designs cost more than the single fabric designs.

So, if you can’t afford to spend a lot of bucks, go for a simple design. The cover set will be expensive if its design is complicated. However, the price will also depend on other factors, such as material, brand and so on.

Tip 3: Choose the Right Material

Apart from the size and design, material is another important factor that will affect the price. Common materials used in the making of quilts include silk, flannel, cotton blends, cotton and synthetic materials, just to name a few. You should know the qualities of each material before making the purchase.

Cotton is the most commonly used material. Then comes the cotton blends. As far as price goes, cotton covers are lightweight and inexpensive. However, for added warmth, you can opt for flannel or wool covers. For elegance, satin or silk covers are a great choice.

Tip 4: Other Features

Other features of quilt covers that make it easier for you to do the cleaning and maintenance work are also important. Make sure you go for covers that can be washed in a washing machine and can be dried in a dryer.

Another important feature you should look for is the quality of color. The colors of the cover shouldn’t fade due to repeated washings. Usually, these features are mentioned on the label, but if the label doesn’t say anything about it, you can ask the seller or the staff.

Tip 5: Consider the Purpose

Based on the corner of the world you live in, choose the right cover sets. For instance, if you live in the tropical areas, you should go for thin and breathable quilt cover sets. Usually, the covers shouldn’t let the dust particles get into the quilt. If you are allergic to dust, you can buy hypoallergenic quilt covers. As far as ease of cleaning goes, fabrics, such as cotton blends, pure cotton and polyester are good choices.

So, keep these 5 tips in mind when buying quilt cover sets for your bedroom.