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Traditional Toilets and Suites


As much as we all love the look of   modern  style bathrooms, with its clean cut lines and smooth  design , whatever  modern   design  you choose it will inevitably go out of fashion and you will have to change your bathroom again in a few years. If you are a lover of the more Traditional Victorian style then this article is for you. The traditional design never dates, and will always give you the classic style you crave.

You will first need to consider how far you want to go with creating your perfect bathroom, do you want to go all the way and go back in time with a complete fully fitted Traditional Victorian bathroom? Or do you want to incorporate some  modern  touches in it to match the rest of the  house ? There are many different designs out there to help you achieve the look you want.

If the rest of your  house  is of  modern  and minimal  design , then consider just a few period fixtures such as a roll top bath with traditional taps, and a high rise level toilet with pull down chain. These will add that touch of class you require in your bathroom and will fit in with any  modern  touches you have. Consider the lighting also, to incorporate the traditional style it would look good to add the classic chandelier for that look of luxury.

If you essentially live in a period style property with period features, then the world wide web of Traditional Victorian Bathrooms is going to make you very happy! You will have so many items to choose from such as the ever stylish roll top bath, taps and bathroom furniture.

If you have the money to go mad on this re-design then you can’t go wrong with the truly traditional items such as Cast Iron Baths and Refurbished taps and fixtures, the quality is unbeatable when using Original Victorian items and will last you a life time. If you are on a tight budget then the cheaper items are still of great quality and will still give you the desired look you require but at a fraction of the price.

You will also want to consider the small details such as lighting, mirrors and radiators. If you have smaller bathroom then I would suggest a large mirror with soft lighting and bright d├ęcor. If you have a large bathroom with high ceilings then go for large items lower hanging lights, and in a large bathroom you can get away with adding a splash of colour whether it be dark or light colours. You might want to also consider some antique style free standing units for the extra storage space.

Shopping online will give you so many options whether it be on a small or large budget, you will find the right style and design that suites you and your home. Many online bathroom stores have showrooms so you can go and see before you buy, as it is a big purchase and if you are not completely satisfied with it then this will only disappoint you.