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Why Do Some Prestige Home Builders Prefer Historical Styles?


You might think that some prestige home builders recommend historically styled houses simply because that’s what they are accustomed to designing and constructing, but the choice is more often motivated by a desire for timelessness in aesthetics and guaranteed integrity in the construction. Many architects also choose to feature historical facades on contemporary houses to make the house blend into the environment smoothly and easily. There is a vast range of choices when it comes to choosing a historical style for your future house, making it easy to reach the perfect design for you.

The design features of historical houses are usually easily recognisable and have stood the test of time in terms of decorative appeal and structural function. These features include peaked roofs, gabled windows, wraparound verandahs, traditional floor plans and many more. Many prestige home builders like to reassemble these well established features in new and innovative ways to develop an architectural plan that is excitingly original and guaranteed to be satisfactory to the end user.

Historic styles are also often chosen out of consideration for the client’s personal decorating taste and preferences. While edgily modern houses designed by top architects may look striking at first, they can often be difficult to decorate satisfactorily. Period style houses, on the other hand, can easily be brought to life by following the already existing traditions and conventions, while making some modern alterations. Victorian style houses, for example, are best complemented by wood ornamentation, richly coloured walls and asymmetrical details.

The best newly built historical style houses built by prestige home builders reach the perfect balance between modern conveniences and recognisable, attractive design. While it might seem simpler to purchase an original period house to suit your tastes, the process can actually be quite difficult. Firstly, it is often harder than you expect to find a historic house of the right period in the right suburb, meaning that some level of compromise is often necessary if you want an authentically historic house. Secondly, older houses often present problems regarding long term maintenance and energy efficiency.

New houses built by prestige home builders can be in any style you want, whether that is a stately Tudor, decadent Victorian or simple Federation, while also featuring the luxury additions that will make your house extra special, and making use of the latest developments in construction techniques and materials. With a newly built house there should be no need to deal with problems such as leaking pipes, termite invasions or mouldy ceilings.